The Knex Runed Soulblade!


Introduction: The Knex Runed Soulblade!

Here's my latest creacration inspired from the runed souldblade in world of warcraft!

It's the most comfortable ,rock-solid ,weildable knex weapon on the site! Maybe the world!

parts list:

         grey +22
        yellow +2
           blue +2
        white +42
       green +44


        yellow/grey +38
snowflakes/white  15
                 blue 3D 7
       purple/silver3D 1
       y connectors 12
       brown/orange 24
                    green 4
                      red 24
   light gay lol gray 20
                dark gray2

                   silver 10

Step 1: The Blade

Build this follow the notes

Step 2: Put the Blade Together

Follow the pics they take you from the tip to the handle part. Connect everything!

Step 3: Build the Handle!

Build this remember it's one chunk.

Step 4: Build Something on the Handle

It would be a good idea to cap of the handle at the bottom with something to hold it together even better. i used  2 blue 3-D connectors on the gray rod that you had to shove down the hole in the handle. with a white rod and a green connector to hold it on the green rods.



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    At the start I was confused because the black part at the top made me think why is it like that and i looked at the first picture and then i relized it is meant to wait till you get part to done, Other then that it is a great build mate and as always have a good one.


    This is awesome, I built awhile ago and it was BEAST

    Your parts build mentioned +2 yellow rods, there are none used

    this sword is awful it does not go together well at all and your directions are terrible.

    I rated it 5* but it only went up 0.02 stars -_-

    i cant follow the steps there just to hard :(

    sick dude!!!
    u should make the blades of chaos that would make my day

    Why an ally? why would you wanna be a human like guy when you already are living as a  human?

    Trolls are awesome.

    It's pretty simple really. Just a slab of various parts put together start at on end and just build.

    wow. you have way too much time on your hands.
    well done.
    i also play WoW but am a druid so no swords for me :(

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    WOO! JOIN THE CLUB! night elf or tauren?

    Night Elf
    had the game for two years but still only lvl 16 :(
    dont really use computers a lot...

    wow. or, to be cheesier: WoW!
    there was this guy that started the same day as me now hes lvl 80 or something....
    only computer i use daily is a laptop, so no warcraft there. pity.
    think that if i make a 2nd character, it will look like a Na'avi. got the avatar blues.
    what am i saying. i cant even get one character over lvl 16 in 2 years. AND they keep adding lvls....
    gonna be there forever lol