This knex pinball game is verey and it has a ball return,a place where the ball drops into. And when the ball goes into the ball return the game is over... Remeber to SUBCRIBE???

<p>Looks kewl</p>
You should post something like this as an instrtuctable. This is just too cool to just look at!
no prob
OMG it looks awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PLEEEEEEASE FOR THE LOVE OF THE LORD GET GOOGLE CHROME. <br><br>It haz a spel chekr to chek ur spellins.<br><br>It puts a red line like Microsoft Word to show you misspelt words. Right-Click, select correct spelling, job done.
That is 'Pinball', not 'PinEball'
cool what's with all the ball games haha. if you've got the parts I want to see this bigger with more paths.

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