An automated home isn't just smart enough, unless it encompasses a smart bathroom . With spontaneity as its accomplice, here's a unique shower that is intelligence and luxury en masse. Its dexterity in pouring down a perfect fusion of hot and cold in accordance with surrounding teperature is something that guarantees perfect satisfaction . Being more than an ordinary shower, it is something that just knows!

Summer has got a smart enemy now.

Step 1: Material

* Electronic Components :

* Mechanical Components :

  • Toy connecting rods
  • Tires with clamps
  • Spacers
  • Nut and Bolts.
<p>Very cool, I like how it automatically balances water temperature... But honestly if I adjusted it, it might be a bad idea for someone else to try and take a shower because I like mine HOT!! XD</p>
<p>great work..</p>
<p>Great project...good idea..:)</p>
<p>Good Work... Keep it up</p>
<p>grt concept</p>
<p>Awesome project...Great idea..temperature control system is really innovative..</p>
<p>thank you..</p>
Very good idea. Thankyou!
<p>Awesome idea and great instructable. Thanks for sharing! </p>
<p>I was about to say this wasn't a K'nex project and should be removed from this contest. But then I remembered that it is a rods and connectors contest, not just K'nex :D</p>
<p>Ahh! I wish my shower turned on and off automatically. Sweet demo.</p>

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