Picture of The laptop cooler plate.
Keeping the laptop cool without spending big bucks.

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Intro: This project came about because of the laptop that I got. When using it on my lap, it would start getting hot and burning my legs. With this, I said, "There has got to be a better way". I started looking through all my good stuff (My Junk) for the parts that I might use. You will be able to see from the pictures just what I came up with.
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Step 1: Tool list and material list.

Picture of Tool list and material list.
Give a general description of the StepSafety tips. When working with any kind of metal, be really careful. Plus wear safety glasses when using skill saws or drills.

Tool list.and material list
1. Skill saw if you have one. A handsaw will work.
2. Drill to drill the holes.
3. Bits to drill the right size hole for the screws.
4. Camera is nice for taking pictures.
5. Lumber or other materials to make the computer rests.
6. A few screws to hold the computer rest down.
7. Hot glue or a clamp of some sort to hold the rests and computer stop down.
8. Straight wire or some other way of finding the angle that you need for the rests.
9. Metal plate or other types of material will work just as well.
10.Fan. These are usually not too hard to find.
11. A power supply to run the fan.
12. Some sort of soldering iron to solder the wires.
13. Little circuit board with a power receptacle for the power supply.
14.Duct tape
15. Foam rubber for installation.
16 Safety glasses.
17. Gloves

Step 2: For your information.

Give a general description of the Steps. You may want to skip to Step # 2 and look at the pictures of the project, then if you want to build you own, you can look through Step #1 for some real good information that will be helpful to you. Thanks you for looking.

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