Step 2: Getting a spike

This is easer than it may seem i went down to a park where i live that has railways going through it i walked on the tracks (i know sounds stupid but its all in the name of D.I.Y but please do not do this without adult super vision if you are young and also i take no responsiblity for any injury that may come to you this is just a guide) so anyways i walked on the tracks for less than a minute and found more than twenty to choose from.

Step 3: Grinding

This is the not so hard but the uphill struggle part you need to grind off all of the rust and or paint that is on it, this is where the bench grinder and hand files come in it took me about an hour of grinding to get it all off but this is very necassary.
You could get some gold flake from a craft store and "one up" that souvenir shop with real GOLD!!!
doomsdayltd3 years ago
my grand father has a railroad spike that has been turned into a knife, ugh most beautiful knife ever! (btw he works with csx)
crazykiddo3 years ago
not to be mean but wats the point of the ible
d.i.y master (author)  crazykiddo3 years ago
to show people how to make a last spike theme souvenir or show peice
That's one hard-core souvenir!
d.i.y master (author)  Kaptain Kool3 years ago
thank you very much
mikeasaurus3 years ago
Cool slice of Canadiana, that's quite a hefty souvenir!
d.i.y master (author)  mikeasaurus3 years ago
thank you