The Lego Zombie Apocalypse


Introduction: The Lego Zombie Apocalypse

About: My Name is Jellybean10122, or Jelly, and I am 13. I love airsoft, knex and anything gun related really.

Hey guys,
Since its almost halloween I made this. This is a little stop-motion I threw together in about half an hour. It is about a few survivors left after a solanum outbreak. the virus made zombies the dominant species. but the leader of the group finds another survivor and goes out to see who he is, but are they alone?

you can view this , and my other videos at my youtube (I need some views, lol) at



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    whoa dude! I've been doing stop motions for years and i have to admit that that is amazing!!!! seriously good! what program do u use? i would suggest using one called SAM animation, it costs money but is really good coz u can modify the transperency of the onion skins etc. seriously youve cot to make more, one suggestion though. try not to show things other than lego

    that is like the best book ever!!!!

    actually the anarchist cook book is a good reference  

    I thought that book was a good read.

    lol im srry for the 1st guy that was eaten lol not haha good good

    nice with the brickarms

    damn i was hopeing thi was on how to mod lego men...oh well good vid

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    Gotta be pretty easy right? Because it's mostly cylinders and rectangles (no complex planes), just cut stencils out of blank sticky labels, stick them on the lego guy, and fill in the blanks with paint.

    yeah, its quite simple. thank you for the comment.