Should you ask your boss for a raise? Call that cute guy you met at a party? Sell your stock?  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a handy method of handling some of life’s more pressing dilemmas?

This machine give you the answer to all you life pressing dilemmas. You need to concentrate on your question for 10 seconds, and when you feel the time is right, press the button, and the machine will give you the answer.

Step 1: Bill of Materials

Let's start with the BOM:

Print all the STL files:

1 x ButtonHolder-1005.stl
1 x logoPen-1005.stl
1 x ingranaggioGrande-1005.stl
1 x ingranaggioPiccolo-1005.stl
1 x FlapStaffaLibera-1005.stl
1 x FlapStaffaMotore-1005.stl
2 x NBottom-1005.stl
2 x Ntop-1005.stl
2 x FlapRuota-1005.stl

Threaded rod:

4 x M8x250  
3 x M8x150
1 x M8x180

100 x M8 nuts
100 x m8 washers
40 x iron wire diameter= 1 mm, length= 95 mm
2 x 608 "roller skate" bearings
6 x M3x15mm bolt

1 x pololu stepper driver A4988
1 x stepper motor (eg. 35BYG104)
1 x Arduino Proto Shield
1 x LED
1 x push button 12x12 mm
1 x 10kOhm  resistor
1 x 320Ohm resistor

<p>Sorry if I am a bit dumb, but where are the details for the electronics?</p><p>thanks, so cool project</p>
<p>I used your design and made ardunio based split flap. Thanx</p>
<p>Nice job!!!</p><p>I'm glad you found the instructions helpful.</p><p>Bye.</p>
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The answer is in the question.
its the magic 8-balls replacement
Nice! <br>Went to my Blog: <br>http://faz-voce-mesmo.blogspot.pt/2013/02/ray-gun-o-filme-desenhar-objectos-em-3d.html
whoa that's way cool, do you think it possible to turn it into a clock?
yes, the original Split Flap display technology was used for clock too. <br> <br> <br>
Didn't Marty McFly have one of those in BTTF?
This would be perfect for <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oblique_Strategies" rel="nofollow">oblique strategy cards.</a>
I don't see the sketch uploaded here. Am I missing it somewhere?
Opss... A .zip file with the code is now uploaded.
Sweet, thanks
its a random rolodex :D <br>pretty sweet!
You could turn this into a Mutoscope. Just come up with a Steampunk and like case and you got it !
Don't need a machine ! <br>&quot;Should I ask for a raise ?&quot; : YES ! <br>&quot;Should I call this cute Guy ?&quot; : YES ! <br>&quot;Should I sell ?&quot; : YES ? <br>&quot;Should I buy a boat with the money and live in a Pacific paradise with the cute guy and without my boss ever after&quot; ?&quot; : YES ! <br>Simple !&hellip; <br> <br>Love your idea ! <br>Thanks for sharing. <br> <br>
That is too cool! Nicework <br>That Arduino case in the pictures is pretty slick too, did you create it? I'd sure like to get my hands on those files.
No, I find it on the internet, google &quot;Arduino Cases by variador&quot;.
Hahaha! Very cool idea! <br>I also like very much the little Gecko on top! Nice touch. :)

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