Step 4: Mounting It Together

Drill the holes for the bulb, the switch and the push button.
Stain or paint the box.
Then attach the PCB inside the box and cable everything together.
The driver circuit fits on the PCB if you remove three legs of it and connect the ground connector with a short wire.
See picture below.
Attach the batteries and switch the power on. Do not have the PICAXE chip in place yet!
Connect a wire to + connector of the batteries and tip to input pins of the driver circuit. The LEDs will lit.
If the driver circuit works fine, switch the power off, insert the chip and start programming.

Really cool, will probably try this soon after Christmas! I wonder what It would look like with mineral oil inside the bulb?
That is BEAUTIFUL <br>Try auto-changing RGB leds from superbrightleds.com
Thank you for the Link and the comment.<br><br>H. Steam
Very cool - I was at the Renaissance Fair yesterday in Maryland and I came across this guy who makes these beautiful light bulbs - he calls the Balefire bulbs but its pretty much like an ordinary light bulb but inside there is a magnet that as the current runs through the filament the EMF from the wire interacts with the magnet causing the filament to dance in side the bulb- the other cool thing is that these light bulbs are designed to run on 110-115 VAC and are only 15watts.... I bought one but sadly I didn't get a business card from the guy.... Which is a pity cause he had other cool stuff that was Renaissance/Steampunk styled... (other lamps and several clocks too!) Anyways if you happen to know who is the creator of these magnificent light bulbs I would be grateful..... And as always I love your stuff too, keep up the good work!
The man who has the patent for these bulbs is Robert Kyp. The website: http://www.kyp-go.com/products.htm has links for vendors. Good Luck.
Thank you! After I had posted that comment/question I noticed that I had misread the name of the bulb I thought it said Balefire - I was wrong it was Balafire - so I looked that up and found it.... thank you though for looking! <br>(It's so cool that he hand makes these!)
both of my boys (12 and 9) recently got into Steampunking. Get Ible!
you can find the Balafire Flicker bulbs all over the web. here is a link to Amazon's Balafire Flicker Bulb, $15.95: <br> <br>http://www.amazon.com/Ambiance-KG002-Balafire-Flicker-Bulb/dp/B004DY05H2
This is Amazing! How did I miss this?
Thank you for the nice comment.<br><br><br>H. Steam
I found it :-)<br><br>Look here:<br><br>http://houseofantiquehardware.com/Balafire-Flicker-Light-Bulb
Thank you very much!<br>And thank you for the pictures. These bulbs are amazing!<br>But I don&acute;t know who is making this :-(<br><br>Regards and have a nive day,<br><br>H. steam

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