I was asked to share how I made the Knifes Ying and Yang. Unfortunately I do not have any photos to accompany the steps, but I will try my best to explain the process.



1/8" steel salvaged from a 12" circular saw blade

1/4" thick hardwood

1/8" brazing rod

Step 1:

First, I draw up a pattern ( as shown in the first photo). Normally I would transpose this pattern to a piece of Bristol board as a template including the shape of the full handle when making a full tang knife.  But with these knives I wanted the blades to fit in the handle of the other. So in order to accomplish this I only made a template using the top portion of the tang (see next photo) and cut it the pattern out using a utility knife..


Nice knives, was going to suggest adding some black/white to the handles respectively to bring out the idea behind them more, but not sure if that would be sacrilegious to that wood
I was originally thinking of doing just that, but in the end decided not to.
Pretty sick be cool if they were lick ballistic knives and shot out though!<br/>

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