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This is a very simple and fun project for kids as well as adults. Using a small pumpkin as a circuit board I created an LED face powered by a 9v battery. This can be a neat little Halloween decoration for work or home. Now, on to the instructable.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

The main materials for this project is a little pumpkin (bought for about 70cents), a couple resistors and 7 LEDs.

5 LEDs were used for the pumpkin face and 2 for the eyes. Two current limiting resistors will double as eyebrows for the face.

Ploopy1 year ago
I just brought a mini pumpkin and I was wondering what to do with it
and here it is a led pumpkin.
dragonx346 years ago
that is cool
That's very cool! I'm surprised that the pumpkin doesn't short out the components. Someone should sell a kit that has a flexible PCB inside the (fake) pumpkin so you can just snap in the LEDs in the position you want for different faces.
Shifrin7 years ago
Wow, awesome!
Another easier way to figure out what resistors you need, you can go here: http://ledcalc.com/
guyfrom7up7 years ago
nice looking pumpkin there, great idea! Looks like you got all of your tools at the shack. Is your soldering iron the 60 dollar one?
jarv34 (author)  guyfrom7up7 years ago
the soldering iron i had for awhile and i think it originally came from the shack. leds are expensive if you pick them up at radioshack so i suggest buying online somewhere like ebay.
gmoon7 years ago
Congrats--you've gotten "hack-a-dayed"!

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DIY Dave7 years ago