The most amazing lemon cake ever!

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Making a delicious pound cake is an art, and this Instructable will show you how to make the most moist, tender, decadent lemon pound cake ever. This cake has been a hit no matter where I have served it. I found the recipe on the Internet several years ago, and I have been modifying it over the years. If anyone decides to try this recipe and has some ideas to make it even more yummy, feel free to share!

Step 1: Step One: Assemble Ingredients for Cake

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For this recipe you will need the following:

1 cup butter (the real thing, not margarine), softened
1/4 cup vegetable oil
3 cups sugar
5 eggs
3 cups all-purpose flour (I like King Arthur flour-it bakes the best)
1 cup milk
1 teaspoon lemon extract (be careful not to get this on your hands-it burns)
2 or 3 lemons for juicing, depending on how lemony you want the glaze to be
powdered sugar, which I just keep adding to the lemon juice until it is sweet enough
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baker8781 year ago
I evidently did something wrong any I'm wondering if anybody can make some suggestions. I followed all the instructions and it looked great at 15m or so to be done baking. But when the timer went off it had fallen in on itself, pretty burnt on top and the inside was all gel :/ thoughts??? I just have your standard non stick bundt pan, but I don't think that should impact it like this.
mihi1975 baker8789 months ago
Is your oven cycling heat properly, or did you open your oven door at any point during baking? This has happened to me too, and I've read its likely because the oven lost proper temperature at some point during baking.
I'm agreeing mihi1975 for the longest I didn't know what I was doing wrong. I openly talked about my cakes ALWAYS falling my boyfriend told me to stop opening the oven. Voila! Problem solved ☺
make sure that after you don't mix your dry ingredients with wet ingredients and that you don't overmix because overmixing will also cause the cake to fall.
caminatale3 months ago

This really is the best lemon cake ever! I've already made it several times and everyone always love it.

I just wanted to ask you,is there a way to turn this cake into a chocolate cake, whit this exact moisture and texture? I'd like to try it.

Thank you from Argentina!

very good very delisioso!!! made it for a coworker's birthday...everybody loved it.
Only thing I was unhappy is that the cake stuck to the pan. I wasn't able to have the ridges around the cake. I used a metal 10" bundt pan and greased it alot...:-( any ideas, tips to make it come out shaped like the pan? Either way, It was very tasty and refreshing! THANK YOU for sharing!!!
I used a silicone bundt cake mould, doesn't leave a single crumb stuck in it :)

Use a flour spray instead of greasing and flouring the pan.. Mine never stick :)

I use a generous amount of Crisco shortening and flour the pan. Also, i was having the same problem because I was leaving the cake in too long try removing the cake immediately it comes out easier
Try greasing your pan with shortening, covering all inside surfaces then dust lightly with flour, making sure all the insides are covered. After removing from oven let cake sit in pan on cooling rack about 10-15 min. Then loosen edges gently with butter knife, then turn entire pan over onto rack to finish cooling. It should come easily with a smooth golden surface.
JanikaA3 months ago
This cake is amazing! Made it for hubbys birthday and since he's a serious lemon fan I replaced 1/4 cup of the Milk with 1/4 cup of lemon juice and also added 2 Tblsp of lemon curd - one fully incorporated into the batter, the other rippled through the cake. Was so lovely and lemony and moist :)
Beth-JoG1 year ago

Do you think this would work in a regular cake pan? Instead of a bundt pan?

MaryW2 Beth-JoG6 months ago

It's a bundt cake... use a bundt pan!

Susann346087 months ago

I will say one thing, the batter tastes delicious! I love cake batter and I know I'm not alone out there. We all know if the batter is good the cake will be good. This batter is worth making the cake!

Susann346087 months ago

and if you using a 9 x 12 pan how long do we bake... ty

cyndi.welblitz11 months ago

I am going to try to make this cake this weekend, BUT I noticed that there was no use of baking powder or baking soda on this recipe, is this still a workable recipe or does using King Arthur unbleached flour works better without those two items in it? I use Swans, but am willing to try King Arthur or any other brand that you think is a good fit, just concerned about the lack of those two ingredients....

Pound cakes don't usually require leavening agents like baking soda and powder. This is that type of recipe, so you should be ok using any type of AP flour as long as its not clumpy and settled.
lwasey11 months ago

Looks very good, however recipe is missing the powdered sugar for the glaze. Its a no brainer for me, but for others, can be a disaster!!

actionslacks11 months ago

Looks nice but not sure about the 3 cups of sugar. Can this be made with less as I'm cutting down the sugar in all my baking (also like that it doesn't have icing as I skip that as well).

carmekino1 year ago

My husband loves lemon cake. Unfortunately, he has a nephew who has a wheat/gluten allergy. I would love to make this for their birthdays. What type of replacement flour would you suggest?

I used Betty Crocker All Purpose Rice Flour Blend, and it came out beautifully. It is a very fine flour though, so weigh it (360g is how much I used today) instead of using a measuring cup.
Pangemange1 year ago
Deeelicious! Just finished off the last slice and will be making it again, a definite hit. Wasn't quite lemony enough for me so I did add a little more extract to the sponge and one more lemon to the drizzle. Thanks jengehrke.
kahoa2 years ago
i love baking and lemon cakes are one of my favorite to bake.my daughter is a pilot and she is up from Christchurch for work. I got up at 7am to bake for her before she leaves to
Christchurch. I used fresh coconut milk instead of milk and i grated fresh coconut and spread it on top of the lemon cake. my grand daughter Ruby is helping me while her mum is working as a flight attendant on Air NZ. Hope you enjoy any lemon cakes you make. Ofa atu
kahoa2 years ago
Mangere Bridge is where I live on the water front and if you want to find where the best lemon trees are. They are all over at Mangere Bridge and they fruit all year. So, I make use of my lemon trees making all sort of cakes, drinks etc from them.
Is an area where citrus trees are growing really well because the soil is so beautiful and very fertile.
anshuma212 years ago
Hi thanks a lot for this recipe, I made it and it turned out like a dream!
Made a few changes though: added baking powder, used lemon zest and juice instead of essence and my glaze was a lot more diluted so it seeped right through
I really like lemon cake recipe , and I'm going to have to try this system soon, soon, soon! Thanks so much for talking about.
hagstrom2 years ago
den maa vi proeve
I have two pretty silicone bundt (pans?) that I really want to use, but every time I've tried them, the cake sticks in the pan and I end up with an ugly mess. I always test to make sure the cake is done and then let it cool. I grease and flour the silicone before pouring in the batter. I just can't get the desired results. What am I doing wrong?
firefly684 years ago
Sounds yummy! I'd use lemon zest rather than extract, but I've never used extract, not sure whether it has a true lemon flavor or not. (You know, like ReaLemon tastes skunky..) Sorry I missed the rose cake. Gorfram, Nordic Ware makes a rose bundt pan and rose mini bundt cupcake pan. Amazon has them and you can buy directly from NW. They have an astonishing selection of shapes! Karosii, if you live in the US and don't use KA flours, you're missing out. What on earth is the point of criticizing someone for mentioning the flour she uses!?
linny5 years ago
Can you substitute lime for lemon? This sounds like such a great cake and I like the fact that I don't have to obtain evaporated milk (live in a country where I never see it, Denmark) The reason I'm asking about the lime is that I just read that the ph in lime is much less than in lemon, which is good for we who want to cut down on acidic foods.

Anybody: Why don't we ever hear about LIME cake-- Ialready know about Key lime pie  -   but I mean using lime, for baking into a cake.
Also the fragrance is a nice change.

Googling, I found  lime in water as a cure for tonsilitis on the internet, so methinks maybe I ought to substitute lime wherever I can right now..
Gorfram6 years ago
I must be missing something here - How do you get that totally nifty-looking rose-shaped cake in the first picture out of the standard-issue sort of Bundt pan shown? There's be nothing wrong with a Bundt-shaped lemon cake like this - it'd be pretty nice, in fact - but I wanna know how to make the super-pretty rose-shaped cake?
jengehrke (author)  Gorfram6 years ago
Sorry about that. I don't actually own a nifty rose-shaped pan, but wish that I did. Truthfully, I needed to make an instructable for a class that I was taking, I waited until the last minute, and this was the most lemony-looking bundt cake that I could pull off the internet in such a short period of time. It really is a very good recipe, though, and you're right-I should have used a bundt-shaped cake for the photo. I just didn't have it in me to bake a cake and take a picture of it at 11pm while finishing this assignment. Thanks for the comment, though. I received some very scathing remarks regarding the flour I used, the lemon extract, and the pampered chef thing. I was just trying to get my homework done. Jen
Hey, I love the update!!! Nice photos of the whole process (...and I think you expanded the text some as well?). Serious kudos to you! And I like your new first photo. It's not as fancy as the original first photo with the rose-shaped cake, but it does look a lot more real and like something I could actually make - which makes it seem even more appetizing to me. (I did see one of those nifty rose-shaped pans in a kitchen store the other day - for a rather unappetizing $40.00. I think I'll just stick with old Mr. Bundt. :)
I am curious. I see no baking powder or soda. This seems unusual to me, but I can't wait to try the cake! I love a good lemon cake.
jengehrke (author)  CopperScaleDragon6 years ago
I thought this was odd at first as well, but it rises really well. The trick is to really beat the eggs well with the mixer. Jen
N1CK4ND06 years ago
i had lemon cake today!!?! coincidence? or obesity..? (really not fat :])
I love lemons, and I'm going to have to try this recipe soon, soon, soon! Thanks so much for sharing.
gmjhowe6 years ago
I came here looking for the best lemon cake. However, I am somewhat dissapointed, may i ask where your pictures are from? Most of them look to have come off the internet, for a better Instructable, I suggest going through the process, taking some pictures as you go along. Any questions, feel free to ask!
jengehrke (author)  gmjhowe6 years ago
I've actually made the cake and downloaded photos of me doing so. I should have done this in the first place. Jen
Im glad you have, its much better for doing so. And i love Lemon cake!
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