Picture of The simplest PSP stand
Found a lot solutions on this site when I was searching PSP stand.
I am going to introduce the simplest and very stable one here.
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Step 1: What you need

Picture of what you need
very simple,
PSP(of course),
one or two floss picks

Step 2: Cut the tail of the floss pick

Picture of cut the tail of the floss pick
cut the tail of the floss pick by scissors

Step 3: Put the pick inside PSP

Picture of put the pick inside PSP
Put the pick inside the strap hole of the PSP whenever you need it stand.

Step 4: Detailed picture

Picture of detailed picture
The PSP will stand stably even if you push it.

Step 5: Enjoy your film

Picture of enjoy your film
enjoy your video film or music display now!
bubbaclaw3 years ago
Good Instructible. I'll have to try that one out.
This is awesome.so easy aswell thumbs up
fishgish5095 years ago
n0ukf5 years ago
A popsicle stick works too.
Human Being5 years ago
tw866 years ago
so ez and works great too
nice, I would never have thought of this, yet it is so simple!