Found a lot solutions on this site when I was searching PSP stand.
I am going to introduce the simplest and very stable one here.

Step 1: What You Need

very simple,
PSP(of course),
one or two floss picks

Step 2: Cut the Tail of the Floss Pick

cut the tail of the floss pick by scissors

Step 3: Put the Pick Inside PSP

Put the pick inside the strap hole of the PSP whenever you need it stand.

Step 4: Detailed Picture

The PSP will stand stably even if you push it.

Step 5: Enjoy Your Film

enjoy your video film or music display now!
Good Instructible. I'll have to try that one out.
This is awesome.so easy aswell thumbs up
A popsicle stick works too.<br />
nice!!!<br />
so ez and works great too
nice, I would never have thought of this, yet it is so simple!

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