how to turn 2 nightfinders into a one handed death machine, this instructable is very simple and can aslo be tidied up a bit, with some creative imagination and a few extra tools this gun could look a whole lot better, i'm just putting the idea out there because i haven't seen it suggested anywhere yet, credit to those who deserve it if this isn't original.

Step 1: Tools and Parts Needed

x2 nightfinders
x1 Popcicle stick
x1 paperclip
x2 zipties
x1 rubberband
x1 rod (or something similar, used for molding handles
x1 1/2" piece of tube
<p>you should make it so you can instantly unclip and dual weild</p>
Just like taping together 2 nitefiners. Had that idea when I was WAYYYY younger... before I considered that it would be too big for 1 hand
Oops, this mod is kinda different. Cool mod, bro <br>
nice mod now isthere a waythat you can cock it toggother<br>
You can put a bar or rod through both of the handles and glue in place. To make it comfy, you can also put a handle in the middle of that for easier cocking
Why can't you just superglue the two guns together
The idea of them being able to separate again is for those who don't have too many guns and sometimes need to lend one, or for the peeps that are too scared to commit to doing something they cant undo.
I respect that.
What would be is if you put a shotgun modded dart in them two and then use a PVC for a short barrel and carve out a wooden stock and mount those on it would be a shotgun death machine. Pretty much like a double barreled shotgun. :D
dude, that'd be sick
I love this project for it's integration of realistic but useful devices, redundancy, and redundancy.<br><br>It's just really cool to know that you can build a PEW PEW REDACTED!
thanx dude, instructibles is great.
This is the BEST EVER under 20$$$ mod.
that's quite the compliment, thankyou.
nice nitefinder mod check mine out.
have you consider making them like this mod i have done this one and it was more comforatible in my opinion&nbsp; <a href="http://nerfhaven.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=3932">http://nerfhaven.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=3932</a>
How do you make that ammo?
i used normal length suction darts (not nerf brand, though you could probably use nerf ones). the darts were slightly larger in diameter and didn't work very well at full length. *cut the suction cup off (just the cup, not the rest of the rubber). *invert the rubber edge, heat and mold with fire into a dome shape, (i used my fingers to mold, take note if you do it this way you will most probably have burnt fingers by the end), im sure there are smarter ways to do this, but im lazy. *test to see how well the dart fits in the barrel, trim off any excess rubber that overhangs the edge of the tip. *cut to size, not even sure how short i made them, maybe half an inch? i didnt cut into the rubber rod that protrudes a bit through the center hole, thats for sure. *test fire, they should fly hard if you only put one in an push it to the bottom of your barrel, they'll probably spin too, my bullets dont fall out of the barrel because they're a pinch bigger, i dont know how well you'd get on using nerf darts. three is about the max your gonna fit in there without seriously compromising distance, they arn't accurate with 3, but good at close range, make heaps cos they're a mission to find! my bullets fit in my mavericks as well which is a bit of fun, i only put 2 in each barrel though. hope this helps, i know its not very specific.
make a instructable on you specil ammo
Thanks, I'll have to try it.
That thing looks deadly.
hmm looks cool but how is this practical? (nice instructable)
i use it as a secondary weapon, as stated it can fire multiple darts per barrel (moddified ammo) making it practical in close range situations like a shotgun, or whilst using standard ammo can provide that often needed second sniper shot as even the best of us can miss the first time.
l o l

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