Why do we should get cold water? we are able to send satellite outer space...but not to get hot water everytime?^^...NO!

All you will need for that:
-a shower...of course^^ or a system to keep the water until the shower and the tanker
-an aluminum tanker
-an electrik resistance for making the water hot
-a water pump
-thinking than you are mario the plumber!

Hello! First of all, 2 advertising!
-First, sorry for you, but i'm french :P and student so i don't speak english very well as you could imagine (and as you will see!)
-second, this is my first post on instructables. I have not the financial possibility to materializing my realisation but i have modelise it on solidworks. Like that you will can get a good idea of my..idea^^!

Now let's start for the explanation! Every day when i wake up, i'm running from my bed still hot until my hot shower! But because ,as Nelly furtado could say it; why does all good things come to a end?
I know than if i stay more than 20minutes, i will get cold water! brrrr... too bad!....how could we solve this problem?...

Hum, let me think...
A shower...a tanker of water...electrik resistance to making hot the water in the tanker...and a pump...Yeah :D it sounds great!

I let you see the image join on this page

Why this invention :
- hot water!
-ecological, the same water is running in continue between the shower, to the tank , to the shower, ...to the tank...etc!

The idea is pretty easy, i imagine than the picture tell more than i could say with words only...so open your eyes :D

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I'll try to defend myself with my bad english!
I'm a student, and in 2 years i will open my little industrial enterprise which have for reason to be, a way to create prototype, manufacturing product, and helping the new creator which don't have the money to acceed at a good equipement (CNC, laser, 3D scanner) to using our equipement in order to developping themselves. Because the new talents (inventor) represent the futur, but unfortunately, inventor the most of time, got the ideas... pretty good ideas sometimes, but never the possibility (financial possibility) to making them real! I wanna change it. And your laser cutting machine could be really usefull for me and the people than i would like helping, in order to concretising inventions or idea. If i won this contest and this machine, i promise than i will help every member of this merveillous website with it if they need it^^. It's an expensive machine but price must not be an obstacle to the creativity.
How about having the water tank fill with the drain water from that first 20 minutes of your shower, lightly heating said water to maintain temperature, then draining it once you're shower is finished? Perhaps opening the valve to the tank five minutes in order to avoid cycling body fluids.
you know a whole house filter only set you back a few dollars 15 at home depot
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I'm afraid you're in danger of making a Legionnaires disease incubator:<br> <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legionnaires_disease">http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legionnaires_disease</a><br>
If he treats it similar to a Hot water eater it should be fine.<br>To quote from the wikipeda article on Water heaters.<br>http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hot_water_heater<br><br>&quot;... legionella can be safely and easily controlled with good design and engineering protocols. For instance raising the temperature of hot water heaters once a day or even once every few days to 55 &deg;C (131 &deg;F) at the coldest part of the hot water heater for 30 minutes will effective control legionella. In all cases and in particular energy efficient applications, Legionnaires' disease is more often than not the result of engineering design issues that do not take into consideration the impact of stratification or low flow.&quot;
If you look at this as something similar to a Japanese soaking tub instead of washing area it works.<br>Three thing though.<br>1. You need to have the tank/cistern bellow the stall drain for it not back up and to flow right.<br>2. Look into whirlpool tub heaters instead of a heating coil from an oven. They are designed for this purpose, also being able to be put inline reducing the overall size needed for tank for the hot water.<br>3. Still look into a water filter system, use an inline whole house system or a simple hot tub spa filter.
Maybe the drain water could be utilized to pre-warm the water before it enters the water heater to off set how much energy is needed to heat the water ?
definitely don't pee in the shower.
This is a good idea; except many people would not want the waste water they have showered with to be reused and sprayed back on them...not without some serious filtering (physical and chemical).<br><br>Also, if you Google 'tankless water heater' you will see that systems exist to provide endless amounts of fresh hot water. Yes, it is less environmentally friendly compared to your concept; but it is also more sanitary (and no worse than a standard hot water tank system is),

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