It´s the best catapult i´ve ever seen she trows paper at 7metres or more!!!
Trust in me

Step 1: Materials

What u need is :
- A sheet of paper
- 1 Binder clip 1-5/8".41mm
- A rubber band
- Tape
- 5 minutes

Step 2: The Catapult

This step is simple.

Step 3: Final Part

Finishing the catapult and shoting.
cool but for step three be more descriptive next time
It works and very easy to make but very troublesome to shot.
Simplest catapult I've seen so far.&nbsp;
i know a simpler one
its shoot
Yes.. release to &quot;shot.&quot;
you shoud put a pen in the middle of the binder clip not where the hole is
&nbsp;Yeah, like bctl said, what's the point of the rubber bands? They wouldn't do anything there.
It is easier to push down the binder clip with it
just wondering what's the point of the rubber band. Is it to make it easier to pull down? and where did you wrap the tape?<br />
Give coments people<br /> <br />

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