this is the office war mini catapult

by Dinky =)

Step 1: The Bottom Frame

built this for your mini catapult

Step 2: The Fire System

here i let's see how to build the fire system

Step 3: Puting All Together

now put all parts together

Step 4: Making the Office Tabel Connectos

special for your office table
what do you use for ammo? i cant find anything that it will hold
i donno wat either<br>
It shoots white rods about 4 feet, I harrass the cat with it
ok 3 things...<br>what does it shoot? I've tried gray connectors but it doesn't shoot them good.<br>mine isn't shooting....<br>and i think the basket or what ever you put the ammo in needs the be improved.
Try my instructable! But I find that it doesn't shoot K'NEX, it shoots lip balm tubes the best!
just to let you know this isnt a catapult it is a mix between a catapult and a trebuchet.but more of a trebuchet.but good and cool.i am doing a mod for the basket.
actually this is prodominately a catapault. a trebuchet uses a counter weight with a long neck to fire a smaller weight from the basket. a catapault relies on tension to sling an arm into a stopping bar, which (newton's law of inertia) causes the object to be propelled forward with force. this is not pulled with a counter weight, making it a catapault.
could you post it? (your mod)
LOL it kinda works but&nbsp; like Dino said what will it shoot and it flings stuff to the ground and life flips over every time.
sorry i disassembled it but i just made the basket bigger and adjustable and made it catch the arm so it shoots it at something not the ground but it only shot like 1 ft so i ripped it apart...it was a piece waster
I used a paper ball. And i modded it to work as a booby trap!
the V2 will better work for a booby trap,<br/>if You do that , i ask you to post it as a mod.<br/><strong>you have the rights. </strong><br/>
Actually I found the V1 worked better. But I turned both into booby traps. I will post both in one instructable.
lol I thought this thing would be pointless to build. I shot it at me because i figured it wouldnt hurt. Bad idea with a grey wheel >.< 4 stars!
well i shot myself in the nuts with a meter tall catapult.
just wanted to say not to put elastic band to tight or the catapult will fling of table and hit someone in face TT.TT
this is so awsome( i would have said the F word but im not sure if u can swear) i think the ofice war series pwns anything else. u need to keep making office war. and i mean a lot of office war:) :) :) :) :) :)
this is the best catapult i ever saw!!!!
VERY good catapult i like the office war machines because they're small and easy to build! i give it 4.5/5 b.t.w are u finished with the ballista i want to make that to
well, your last one was a little better, but cool none the less. i will make this. i give it a 4/5
thanks now in started with the office war balista
i need to make a "office war" cannon. i will get right on it!
get start with it<br/><br/>dinky =)<br/>
done! its got some good power/range for a small cannon thing. also it has a new type of trigger that you pull on to fire. sorry but i don't have any batteries for my cam so for now no instructions. if i can get it to go on for 2 sec i might be able to get a picture of it. wish me luck!
here it is!

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