The simple but hilarious shaving-cream-in-the-face prank!  Only a minute of setup and you're ready to go!!!

Step 1: The Items Required:

Only three items are needed:

1.  A can of shaving cream (the foamy stuff, not gel).  Whipped cream works, too.

2.  A duster or some other tickling device.

3.  A snoozing victim.

Step 2: Plant the Cream:

Take the shaving cream and fill the napper's hand.  And I mean REALLY load it in there!  (The more, the better!)

Step 3: Tickle, Tickle, Tickle!

Lightly tickle your victim's nose with the duster.

Step 4: The Splat!

If done correctly, the snoozer should attempt to rub or scratch his nose, smearing the cream all over his face!
This is a classic that is always funny! Good job!
Thanks! Please rate (or vote, if you think it deserves one). Hope you have fun with the prank!

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