How about a REAL dice tower (tool to roll dice) made from DICE?

Step 1: What You Need

First: Hi there from Germany!

Second: What you need!
- a sick idea, or just take mine! :-)

(BTW: I want to build up a dicetower with little bricks or LEGOs, but my sweet sweet girl friend said: "If you want to have a DICEtower, why don't U use DICE to build??? And why doesn't anybody has this idea before???")

- some :-) of these extraordinary cheap dice found at ebay (look for chinese dice or dice with red/ blue dots)
or perhaps at an asiashop near you... edgelength of the single die is 1,25 cm!!!
I bought 1600, because at least you need 1346 (!!!) dice for this project!
- plastic glue (and fresh air against headache!!!)
- baking paper (!!!)
- 2 CD cases (ONLY the cases, without CD)
- my EXCEL Sheet with the shapes of the different parts for 12,5 mm dice (see below for download)
- foil like the one you need for making mobiles with window colour pics... is it called "windowcolourmobilefoil"?
- transparent adhesive tape
- paper and a printer for the shapes to print out
- a plain underground, I used a big cutting mat
- some hours of time

- a visit at my homepage http://www.lord-of-the-dice.de to see more dice and more towers (follow the menu to Mona Lisa => "Gallery", then left to dicetower!)

PS: Why is it V1.0?

My first idea was to build it with 'normal' dice, but these dice are
- bigger (16 mm)
- more expensive!

But now, I see, my dicetower works, and my next idea is the Dicetower V2.0 with normal dice and some 'extras'... :-) Wait for it.
<p>It's from asia, in Taiwan</p>
<p>Very cheap at the moment:</p><p><a href="http://www.aliexpress.com/item/10mm-100pcs-Drinking-Dice-2015-New-Arrival-Entertainment-Toy-Gambling-Dice/32260772431.html" rel="nofollow">http://www.aliexpress.com/item/10mm-100pcs-Drinkin...</a></p>
i dowloaded the excel sheet and all i got was a list of how many dice you used, i didnt get any blueprints or anything
There are many Folders in this file, there are the prints... what you saw was only the first folder...
is there anyway you can email me all the files as a zip file? because i downloaded the excel file in the link and this is all i got when i opened it. my email is mr.schmalfeldt@gmail.com<br>
&nbsp;LOV it
how effective is this on a caltrop d4?<br />
Sorry this may seem thick and all but what is the truth?
"You can never have enough dice."
The reason for the 4 being a different color is because one of the words for 4 is also death in japanese.
so let me get this straight. Yon (4 in jap) also means death?
I don't think it means death but the words are similar. (I think)
Its actually "shi" that is both four and death, depending on the character. Yon is four when it is used to say "yonjuu" (40).
this.. is plain awesomeness. words cannot describe the awesome. amen to you, man.
i have to agree with you, that is all i can say because you got it all right in your comment and there is no point typing it again.
Ii's like you went on a Near rampage. (Death Note for all of u who don't know, Wikipedia him.)
oh gosh!!!! : ) that is great yet hilarious!
Yes! it took two hours but i made one out of legos! I may post pictures soon
i'll wait for them... LEGO is cool!!!
need more lego awesomeness
woow cool!!! i like it i'll try doing it
This is so cool! i just started playing DND a little while ago and I would totaly make one if I had the cash. so im going to make on out of lego. Did you know that there is a podcast called the Dice Tower? it is all about boardgames and stuff. you should send pictures to them.
Yes, I've read about them at google... maybe... in the future
pretty cool.but,try balancing it untill the top!it could be fun!
if there is no fence,u want this: down the table,down the carpet,down the stairs,down the door,down the mountain,down the volcano,down to come back and hit u in the head
Quoted from Wikipedia: "Another unique feature about Asian dice aside from the oversized single pip is the fact that the pips for both "one" and "four" are colored red. Why this is so is unknown. But it is suggested that an entirely black and white color combination on the one side would be unlucky and red (a lucky color in Chinese culture) would counteract this. Several legends also mention that the "four" side is colored red because a Chinese emperor (one legend said it was a Ming dynasty emperor, while another stated it was Chung Tsung) ordered it as "fours" helped him win a dice game (sugoroku) against his empress. This story, however, is questionable at best, as it is also probable that "red fours" are also of common Indian origin."
THANX a lot!!!
is the silver 20-sider from thinkgeek.com?
no, it's from the olympic series from KOPLOW...
thats a lot dice...
cool +1 :D
I spy an old-school roleplayer! I still have a bag of d4 d10, d20, trap dice and even a d30 (that takes <em>ages</em> to stop rolling!).<br/><br/>Whoa - optical illusion alert - click on the second picture of step 5, then scroll it up and down your screen ...<br/>
Don't you mean second picture of step 6?
No, I meant step 5. I see what you mean about step 6, but the effect (on my aging screen) is stronger on step 5's image.
No offense, but you have been saying this message over and over. Why? (In a nice tone) Just curious
Over and over?? I said it once at the start of the thread, then clarified it to FrenchCrawler. How is that "over and over"?
step 4! creepy.....
wow, a d30 would be almost smooth, I can see why it takes awhile to stop rolling :)
A fellow roleplayer had a d100 - it was a smoth sphere with 100 flat circular patches on it. It was about as useful as a die as a golfball would be.
Ha! do you still roleplay?
Not for many years, though I still have my stuff in boxes. I got into it at university, we used to play in the bar.<br/><br/>I used to play <em>AD&amp;D</em>, <em>D&amp;D</em>, <em>Warhammer</em>, <em>Runequest</em>, and I used to run <em>Cadillacs and Dinosaurs</em> and, oh so special, <em>Paranoia 2ndEd</em> - I was such a deadly GM for paranoia that most clones never made it to the briefing...<br/>
heh. I used to play D&D but not anymore. I GM for my sister and we play a d20 system we made up using D&D, d20 Modern, and Heavy Gear rules.
<strong>Happiness is Mandatory!</strong><br/>

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