How about a REAL dice tower (tool to roll dice) made from DICE?

Step 1: What you need

First: Hi there from Germany!

Second: What you need!
- a sick idea, or just take mine! :-)

(BTW: I want to build up a dicetower with little bricks or LEGOs, but my sweet sweet girl friend said: "If you want to have a DICEtower, why don't U use DICE to build??? And why doesn't anybody has this idea before???")

- some :-) of these extraordinary cheap dice found at ebay (look for chinese dice or dice with red/ blue dots)
or perhaps at an asiashop near you... edgelength of the single die is 1,25 cm!!!
I bought 1600, because at least you need 1346 (!!!) dice for this project!
- plastic glue (and fresh air against headache!!!)
- baking paper (!!!)
- 2 CD cases (ONLY the cases, without CD)
- my EXCEL Sheet with the shapes of the different parts for 12,5 mm dice (see below for download)
- foil like the one you need for making mobiles with window colour pics... is it called "windowcolourmobilefoil"?
- transparent adhesive tape
- paper and a printer for the shapes to print out
- a plain underground, I used a big cutting mat
- some hours of time

- a visit at my homepage http://www.lord-of-the-dice.de to see more dice and more towers (follow the menu to Mona Lisa => "Gallery", then left to dicetower!)

PS: Why is it V1.0?

My first idea was to build it with 'normal' dice, but these dice are
- bigger (16 mm)
- more expensive!

But now, I see, my dicetower works, and my next idea is the Dicetower V2.0 with normal dice and some 'extras'... :-) Wait for it.

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