Picture of The only REAL paperclip lockpick!
Tired of your old bendy paperclip "lockpicks". Well here's an easy way to make paperclip lockpicks...that wont bend!

*You shouldn't be a meanie and go rob people, blah blah blah..

(don't you hate it when people put those dumb disclaimers?!?)
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Step 1: Gather your junk!

Picture of Gather your junk!
All you need to get started is:

-a paperclip

-a gas torch

-a glass of cool water (important)

-a box of matches

-a pair of pliers

-a pair of wire cutters

Step 2: Bend the clip!

Picture of Bend the clip!
Use your hands to bend out the paperclip like this:

Step 3: Cut the clip!

Picture of Cut the clip!
Use your wire cutters to cut the paperclip right where the inner-loop comes back around...

Step 4: Bend the clip some more!

Picture of Bend the clip some more!
Using your pliers, bend the tip of your clip into whatever shape your heart desires. The picture shows a basic curved pick.

Step 5: Heat the clip!

Picture of Heat the clip!
Turn on your torch so very little gas comes on. Light a match and slowly bring it to the tip of the torch. Using your pliers run the paperclip back and forth so that the outside becomes charred and it starts to glow.

Step 6: Cool the clip!

Picture of Cool the clip!
Very quickly put your hot clip into the cool water. This hardens the metal so it wont bend as easily.

Step 7: Transformation complete!

Picture of Transformation complete!
You now have your finished lockpick! With a little sanding it will come to a nice shiny finish and be ready for criminal activity! Have fun!