The Over Sharpened Knife (Spectacular Fail Contest)





Introduction: The Over Sharpened Knife (Spectacular Fail Contest)

This is a knife. Well, was a knife. Now its basically a toothpick.

I had a $30 knife and it was pretty blunt so naturally, like any maker, I tried to sharpen it using a bench grinder. Didn't exactly work out that well, I tried to sharpen it, I stuffed up, and Tried to fix the notches I made using the bench grinder and that happened several more times over and over until I finally sharpened it without make notches. But by the end it was extremely thin and was fairly flexible. It was sharp and cool looking but its not really a knife if you cant cut something with it without it breaking.

This is my entry for the Spectacular Fail contest.



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Hey! At least it's sharpened!

Haha! I love this, this is so funny! I voted :)

omg I'm defiantly going to vote for this... iv never thought you could do this(-_-)!!!!!!


My first post...I have never laughed so hard. You have my vote for an epic fail.

you got a swiss army blade on a big handle!, put that thing back where it beongs a folding handle with other tools!

what you've got there is a fancy new filet knife

Correction: A fancy new filet toothpick