Here is what you will be making...


Step 1: The Basics.

Fold your paper length wise and unfold again so you have a center crease.  Woot!

Step 2: Some More Basic Folding

Use the classic folding style and fold the top corners into the center crease.

Step 3: A Little Trickier Now

Now fold the top triangle down the look an envelope.  See the picture for more info.

Step 4: Ungh... More Basics

Peaches!!!  Sorry, okay now fold the top two corners into the center crease like the second step.  These basic steps are getting old.

Step 5: Teh Wings

To start making the wings, fold the entire plane in half on the center crease.

Step 6: Now for a Crazy Mathematical Equations That Involve Six Years of College Math

Fold the wings down about 4cm past the place where you hold the plane.  Fwew!  Glad that's over.

Step 7: Some More Crazy Math

Fold about 3cm of the wing down to form stabilizers.  See the picture if this doesn't make sense.

Step 8: Yay

Here is the finished product... Have fun.

dude thanks I transformed this into a sweet paper airplane
&nbsp;wow this is the easiest boomerang plane ive ever made thnks a bunch!!!!
thank you!<br>
IT didn't work.................... :(

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