Step 5: Step 5 Let the Cooking Begin

Set your range to medium because it will cook the meat properly & not burn it if watched well.  I use a griddle 'cause it heats up faster & holds the heat better but you can use a pan as well just follow the same steps. 

1:  Put pan or griddle on stove & till it is heated up to a point where you can put your hand about three inches above the pan & you can feel some serious heat.

2:  Then place the patties on the pan.
Yay I got featured, thank you very much to all of those who helped this happen!
The salt does allot more then you would expect, anything that you add to it after it is done is up to you, I agree w/ mh76dk on the LTO & Bacon you can't go wrong w/ that but egg on a burger not my cup of tea, I prefer white tea thank you very much lol :P.
OK, this just won't do. <br /> <br />http://aht.seriouseats.com/archives/2008/05/the-blumenburger-the-most-laborintensive-hamburger-in-the-world.html
Good basic version I would say... but where are the required onions, bacon and sliced boiled eggs (ok, boiled eggs arent required but damn nice). it also seems to be slightly lacking on the green side (cucumber/salad) but I can live without growing rabbit-ears ;-) <br /> <br />Id still eat it though, looks yummy

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