earlier this evening while i was sat around a camp fire with a few mates, alot of marshmallows and sausages and i happened to stumble upon the perfect way of cooking a marshmallow. read on for more...

Step 1: The Prep.

Before i say this i will remind you to always practice extreme caution around a fire and this procedure will involve hot squidgy stuff that burns and sticks so will stick to you... while burning. Ok, so light your fire and get a nice big flame going, sharpen some live sticks and burn them a bit on the fire to steralize them. then stick one marshmallow on the end.
What happened to the wooden stick?
My marshmallow-turning instrument of choice is a real "guy" tool. I reused a D-cell-powered point-of-purchase sign rotator which was pre-configured with a 2' rod. It turns at about 10rpm, making my toasty marshmallow evenly tanned before it meets it maker with his friends Hershey and Graham.
i must say, i haven't been so amazed my jaw actualy dropped and i gasped in a long time, atleast 3 months. this however broke that record. <br/><br/>that is awesome. kudos to you =]<br/>

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