Picture of The perfect noogie (short and sweet)
how to master a big brothers favorite mean joke: the noogie. Watch and learn brother!
Credit- I burrowed:
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Step 1: Prepare the victim for the ultimate noogie!

Picture of Prepare the victim for the ultimate noogie!
Grasp your meat hook's(hands) around the victims neck or shoulders so they can't get out. like the picture.

Step 2: Impact

Picture of impact
grasp the victims scalp or the base of their hair(like shown in the image I found on google)

Step 3: Let it rip!

Picture of let it rip!
from this point rapidlyrotate hand and pull wildly.
nate1216 years ago
tooooooooo short
Cool, but if you showed a video of you doing it to somebody else, that would be great..