Picture of The perfect pizza cutter
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Have you ever had the trouble of making pizza? Well this revolutionary pizza cutter cuts the perfect pizza dough circle to put toppings on and cook. Then when its cooked it will cut the pizza into slices
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Step 6: Bend

Picture of Bend
Bend the top of the cutters to a 90 degree angle

Step 7: Conect the cutters

Picture of Conect the cutters
catapult 034.jpg
Glue the cutters to each side of the tube.

Step 10: DONE!!!

huray! you made it this far and now its time to make some pizza!

1. roll out some dough and cut a circle out with the cutter

2. put toppings on


4.cut the pizza withe the top cutter

Step 11: Improvements

I was thinking that instead of three pizza wheels , how about 2 and one pizza chopper at the top. Also you could make it so that the cutters slide along the tube to make different sized pizzas.
Nice :D How about adding a pic of using it?
I still prefer scissors. Sound crazy? Just give it a try!
myakka (author) 4 years ago
hey, i have that same mini-vice!
Look extremely dangerous. Cool.