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Ever been to a punk concert and seen people with their cool leather or denim vest or jackets covered in patches and pins? You can make one yourself i made mine under 35 bucks and it looks great.
Make a punk vest with buttons, patches, studs, and spikes! easy to do a bit time consuming. Looks cool, and can be personalized in any way.
(I only know how to work with denim i do not know how leather works)
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Photo 178.jpg
A denim or black leather vest
1/2 flat pyramid studs from
spikes of choice from
1 large back patch form a punk store or
2-3 smaller patches for a vest 3-4 for a jacket
pins and buttons of choice

tools : needle and thread, screw driver, skrew, scissors.

Step 2: The patches

Picture of the patches
Photo 179.jpg
time to put on the first patch! lay your vest or jacket out on the ground with the back facing up. Begin to start stitching the boarders of the patch to the vest. i Do not know how this works with leather. I recomend using black thread. once done tie the ends how ever you want and leave it. Take 20 of the studs and apply them by putting 5 on each corner as shown. Applying the studs is just poking the two spikes through the fabric and bending the endson the other side.

Take your other patches and apply them on the front wherever you please.

Step 3: Fraying

Picture of fraying
Take a knife of any kind and fray the seam of the jacket without going too far. I used scissors by first cutting ia bit then sticking one of the blades in the small hole in the seam and tearing a bit.
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NicholasJ31 month ago

where did you buy your vest at or anybody know i could get a slim one like this, I'm a guy

The dark acid wash is my project of 10ish years? I keep making my own patches and tearing them off to give to other people. The white acid wash is my moms that i made for mothers day the weekend before she left for PRB year before last (believe me its every color except white after 2 of those trips now).

front.jpgback.jpgmoms vest.jpg
jakee1172 years ago
my girlfriend and I made ours and now we're making winter ones!

424018_2559511967649_1108482254_n.jpgP1110337 (675x900).jpg

very nice! punk couples are awesome!

This is so cute!
Sweet!!! Love making these
So cool! I wish I could pull something like this off!
nj snots7 years ago
oi! oi! oi! punk rock (A)narchy
this poor generation is going to hell in a handbasket. Anarchy, puh!. Do u understand wat anarchy is? It is the absence of gov and laws, allowing 4 mass chaos to ensue. W/ anarchy, u have no protections whatsoever. You own nothing. Someone could go up to you or ur family and kill them 4 no reason at all. Now do u really want a world where there are no ethics?
um...contrary to what you appear to believe ethics and anarchy are not incompatible.
I would like to suggest a definition of terms here.
Ethics is a normative discipline, it is concerned with right and wrong, how things ought to be. A study of what is good and what is bad so to speak.

Anarchy is not as holyfire claims
'' It is the absence of gov and laws, allowing 4 mass chaos to ensue. W/ anarchy, u have no protections whatsoever. You own nothing. Someone could go up to you or ur family and kill them 4 no reason at all.''
Anarchy refers to the idea that the State (a.k.a political authority etc.) does not have a right to use coercion, violence, force and authority(yes I know that sentance is incredibly clunky). Anarchy as it refers to political authority can in part be shown as such.
1. a person has a right not be subjected to another's imposition of duties.
2. only if a person consents to being bound to the political authority can the person actually be bound.
3. it is either practically impossible or at least actually untrue that states can be set up in such a way that they can demand the obedience of all and only those who have consented to their authority.
3. Therefore,no state is legitimate and perhaps no state can ever be legitimate.

Anarchy is not a view which states that one should never obey the state. It merely shows that one does not have to obey the state, one has no content independent duty to obey the state, and the state does not have a right to rule.

A just state will command one to do things that are reasonably just, one must obey those commands because they are just, not because the state has commanded one to do things.

So with a definition of terms we begin to see that an Anarchist world is not one in which there are, as holyfire has stated, '' a world where there are no ethics?''. In fact it would appear to be one in which ethics has a large and important place.

Obviously, you have no idea what the political philosophy of anarchy is.
what youre talking about is commercialized anarchy. There can be a "leader" presence, but the person who is oppointed by a majority vote cant give out order. "Lets boost some cars, and then meet up here" would be an order, "lets boost some cars, i dont care how you do it, what you do with the car or where you go afterwards, just boost them if you want" would be anarchy.
thats not what true anarchism is all about. if you have ever read any anarchist books or talked to any anarchist you would know that we have kind morals and are against injustice killing, against war, pro gay rights, pro worker rights, pro undocumented immigrant rights, pro animal rights, eco friendly, anti capitalism, thats just a few things. and yes we do believe that property is theft, we just believe everyone should share and not be greedy little capitalist bastards. this world is here for EVERYONE to use and not for one single person or group (aka the rich). we also believe that no one is fit to control our lives thats why we don't believe in gov or laws instead we believe in strong communities that help out each other. anarchism is not chaos and destruction of property such as houses and buildings (that would be a nihilist who only wants to kill and destroy everything he/ she sees) it is the destruction of past ideas and the reconstruction of a better form to live in a world with peace. read up on anarchism, some popular anarchist authors are Alexander Berkman, Emma Goldman, and Peter Kropotkin
Amen to you my friend. It is very rare someone is outspoken(typed, whatever) on this subject, especially on
leather is the same except you use a leather needle to sew patches of coarse and poke holes with it where your putting the studs...
you should never sew a patch on leather, it just looks stupid. use paint pens and paint it on
and i didnt mean for that to be a reply to nj snots :S
astrozombies138 (author)  filthyfury6 years ago
thanks, I think ill give it a try next fall / winter. :D
The fist thing that's really bothering me is that they're shows. Not "punk concerts," shows. Quickest way to spot a poser-punk is by seeing who calls them concerts.

I'm making my first vest now, and unlike OP's, mine actually means something. Punk rock is about brotherhood and unity, not fashion and being "cool." I didn't just go onto (which is a legit site, for the record. Cool dudes that care about what they're selling) pick out a few mainstream patches (really? Only 3 patches and a back patch on a vest?!), sew them on, and call it done. I have a DRI back patch in honor of the jerk that punched me in the face and then cleaned up my puke. A Barren Scepter patch for the first show I went to with my new family. An Anti-Flag pin for where I came from, an MDC patch for the punx before me .GG Allin for all the scum I love, Minor Threat because a friend screamed their lyrics at me till I drank.

A vest is more than just another article of clothing, to be put on when the mood fits and taken off when it's no longer "cool." A vest is a piece of you. If you don't know that, you don't deserve one.
I signed up for this damn website just to say, fck yeah pgh punx. up the 41true.
ilpug3 years ago
Nice jacket. I have to ask, are you a real thrasher or do you just dress like one? no offense meant, its a nice vest man. Mine was like that for a while, but most of my pins got knocked off.
sxe-monty6 years ago
old army camo jackets are cool to "punk up"
they are. i dont have a camo one, but i have an old vietnam era OD green jacked that i cut the sleeves off of. havent got around to paching it up yet though.
feardom135 years ago
How many spikes should i get?
what he said, or you can just make your own punk style. thats what i did for mine, turned out fine so far. its more of a constant work in progress.
for spikes at least 100 you will have a lot left over but you could use them for a nother. for studs you want a lot becuz they are used the most
Screamo4 years ago
I hope you don't plan on wearing that
If he is not just a posour than I hope he does. But he needs more political stuff on there
why more political stuff? politics doesnt make punk.
sharp skins must die
and why?
why? there against facism,
He doesnt know what a sharp is...
why is that? i'd think most anarchists would be most closely aligned with sharps, as opposed to any other type of skinhead besides the queer ones, they're cool too...
oilviaivia4 years ago
how did you get the spikes and stuff on? doesnt that require some intense tools or from the website that you got them from can you just toss them on?
to put spikes on you can just poke the prongs through the fabric and just push those down with pliers if its a screw on spike the just poke a hole and attach it to the fabric through that hole
Um Anarchistkid, you obviously have no idea what a SHARP is. SHARPs are AGAINST racism; They're the ones that beat up and KILL racist skinheads. SHARP stands for Skin Heads Against Racial Prejudice. Duh.... My ex is a SHARP. Hah. Crazy lifestyle...<br/>And if you do know what you're talking about, and you ARE against SHARPS, then you don't deserve life. =]<br/>
 So because I have different views than you and am against SHARP skinheads I don't deserve life? 

Lol and I've never heard of any SHARP killing a true Skinhead.
also a really imprtant tip if you get a small patch or get a rip fix it with the most important............... SAFTY PINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you can get a box of 100 for 50p.
tom2245 years ago
i uh... forgot what a sharp is pleze tell me
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