The Punk Vest.





Introduction: The Punk Vest.

Ever been to a punk concert and seen people with their cool leather or denim vest or jackets covered in patches and pins? You can make one yourself i made mine under 35 bucks and it looks great.
Make a punk vest with buttons, patches, studs, and spikes! easy to do a bit time consuming. Looks cool, and can be personalized in any way.
(I only know how to work with denim i do not know how leather works)

Step 1: Materials

A denim or black leather vest
1/2 flat pyramid studs from
spikes of choice from
1 large back patch form a punk store or
2-3 smaller patches for a vest 3-4 for a jacket
pins and buttons of choice

tools : needle and thread, screw driver, skrew, scissors.

Step 2: The Patches

time to put on the first patch! lay your vest or jacket out on the ground with the back facing up. Begin to start stitching the boarders of the patch to the vest. i Do not know how this works with leather. I recomend using black thread. once done tie the ends how ever you want and leave it. Take 20 of the studs and apply them by putting 5 on each corner as shown. Applying the studs is just poking the two spikes through the fabric and bending the endson the other side.

Take your other patches and apply them on the front wherever you please.

Step 3: Fraying

Take a knife of any kind and fray the seam of the jacket without going too far. I used scissors by first cutting ia bit then sticking one of the blades in the small hole in the seam and tearing a bit.

Step 4: Add Studs and Spikes

Take your studs and line the edge of the vest where the buttons would be, make sure that they go all the way up and around the collar otherwise you look silly. It is ok to miss a few spots where it is too hard to get a stud in or if there is a button blocking it.

Next take the spikes and line the shoulder parts as shown, be creative do a second row if you want add some bigger spikes in places if you want.. TIP: the spikes are screw backs and are hard to get through, what i did was took a screw the size oh the little screw from the spike and twisted it through the vest and then put the little screw from the spike in and twisted until i needed the srewdriver to tighten.

Step 5: PINS!

add pins to each side of the vest by the collar as i did, make the pins whatever you want, i have some bands a skull and one that says frankenstein (thats my favorite) allow the pins to build up as you find more and more pins that you like.

Step 6: You Are Done!

enjoy your new piece of clothing! I had quite alot of fun making this, i sat in my basement with my skinhead (non racist) for a few hours doing this. have fun.
WARNING: Hugs and snuggling do become a bit painful for others, i have spiked people in the mouth and have girls lie doown put their head on my shoulder and get poked.



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    The fist thing that's really bothering me is that they're shows. Not "punk concerts," shows. Quickest way to spot a poser-punk is by seeing who calls them concerts.

    I'm making my first vest now, and unlike OP's, mine actually means something. Punk rock is about brotherhood and unity, not fashion and being "cool." I didn't just go onto (which is a legit site, for the record. Cool dudes that care about what they're selling) pick out a few mainstream patches (really? Only 3 patches and a back patch on a vest?!), sew them on, and call it done. I have a DRI back patch in honor of the jerk that punched me in the face and then cleaned up my puke. A Barren Scepter patch for the first show I went to with my new family. An Anti-Flag pin for where I came from, an MDC patch for the punx before me .GG Allin for all the scum I love, Minor Threat because a friend screamed their lyrics at me till I drank.

    A vest is more than just another article of clothing, to be put on when the mood fits and taken off when it's no longer "cool." A vest is a piece of you. If you don't know that, you don't deserve one.

    Punk is also about being yourself. The number of patches on a jacket doesn't determine how "punk" you are. It's awesome that your vest means something, but remember that you don't know what their vest means to them. Also, who said anything about taking it off when it's not cool?

    I find it funny how so many punks try to tell others how they should be if they wanna be "punk". Kind of like a government does or parents do. Being critical of fashion while claiming to be anti-fashion. A punk rocker can wear jeans and a t-shirt for all anyone cares. Many do; some see fashion as a distraction from the movement. Punk is about unity, like you said, not conformity. It's a lifestyle where people can live how they want, whether they have zero or twenty patches.

    (Btw, yes, I know this comment is from 2011, but you know...)

    I signed up for this damn website just to say, fck yeah pgh punx. up the 41true.

    where did you buy your vest at or anybody know i could get a slim one like this, I'm a guy

    There are many stores that sell regular jean jackets (and nowadays they are slimmer and lighter). You can buy one of those from a thrift store or a place like that (where it's cheap), and you can unstitch the sleeves using a small blade or small scissors. That's what I did with mine, and it works perfectly as a vest. It may take a day or two (depending on schedule), but it's worth it. Some people just rip sleeves off, too, but I have never been able to do that...

    awesome, Made my joker jacket from this :)

    JUZ seein the distillers an rancid patches tell me this kid is pretty new to punk....

    The dark acid wash is my project of 10ish years? I keep making my own patches and tearing them off to give to other people. The white acid wash is my moms that i made for mothers day the weekend before she left for PRB year before last (believe me its every color except white after 2 of those trips now).

    front.jpgback.jpgmoms vest.jpg

    my girlfriend and I made ours and now we're making winter ones!

    424018_2559511967649_1108482254_n.jpgP1110337 (675x900).jpg