The Purple Shelf Unit





Introduction: The Purple Shelf Unit

hi there this the shelf me and my son billed for my girls for their loftbed we used all the scraps that were laying in my loft garage and they argued abut it should be pink or purple so we painted it in a way that both of them would be happy

Step 1: Materials and the Making

first we gathered the scraps it was a bunch of 16 inc. of plywood and a pressed wood that was used for the top and the bottom and cut the plywood for the shelfs in different sizes and then screwed them together we made 2 mistakes but my girl said she likes it this way better !!!!!!

Step 2: Painting

we had a little problem here coz my little one wonted it pink and older wonted it purple so compromising between them this was it we or should i say my sisters painted it with homemade pink chock paint and i finally painted the the front lines purple it still needs waxing thous . this is how it turned out to be thanx for the look



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    Really cute and I will bet your girls love it! My only concern is the one shelf that has no support beneath it . Are you worried about putting heavy items on it, or do you just avoid that senario? Love the paint job as well! Great job!!

    I'm really impressed by how this was made. I'm seeing a lot of really unique cupboard and shelving ideas on instructables and I'm loving it!

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    thanx for compliment since its just a simpl one
    thanx for stoping by