Picture of The "I don't have a sewing machine" Blanket
This is an instructable for a no-sew blanket

It is for the crafty ones (like me) who sadly do NOT have a sewing machine

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Step 1: Get your supplies!

Picture of Get your supplies!
Items needed:

- 2 pieces of fleece** the same size - any color any pattern!*
- 2 yards or more for adults - smaller for child's sized blanket
- Sharp scissors
- Ruler
- Fabric Pencil (not necessary but helpful)
- Large clean work area!

*Reminder - if you are wanting to embroider on your blanket make sure to do so before you put it together!

**In this picture the felt squares are to represent the 2 pieces of fleece

Step 2: Getting Started!

Picture of Getting Started!
- Take the 2 pieces of fleece & lay them flat on your work area

- Line the pieces up so they are even on all 4 sides

- You may need to trim the sides - especially if your fleece is off the bolt

Once you get the fabric lined up you will make your 1st cuts to remove a 2"x2" square from the corner

- Cut 2" in on all four corners
Puzzledd4 years ago
Nice project, and good, clear instructions! Thanks!
i did this witha t shirt it really cool
Really clever, great job!
bizmarke (author)  Marble of Doom6 years ago
Thanks! Reminder - if your family knows you have made one then you will be required to make many many more!!