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Introduction: The Red Queen and Mad Hatter

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These took 2 months to create. I used a lot of remnants and recycling. I tried to be as accurate as possible. I hand painted his ascot and embroidered his pants.The threads go all the way around and were hand painted as well as crocheted together. The queens 22 gold  hearts and 23 black hearts were appliqued.  Beads on sleeves were hand sewn  as well as the ones in her crown. I also made her lace cuffs.



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    hi just joined today,im trying to make mad hatter and queen costume for fancy dress charity bed push,could you tell me was the dress from a pattern?where could i get one or are you just unbelievably clever?the costumes are amazing and im sure people would cough up loads of money if i wore that

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    thanks for that,iv made the hat,waistcoat and got some mad socks im looking round charity shops for fabric than im gona crack on and have a also trying to figure out the hatter jacket,was that easy?

    No not at all hard just time consuming hunting down the right fabric. I like to make my costumes using re-purposed textiles. Thrift stores are a great place to find fabric. Since it is for charity lots of thrift stores are based on charity and i am sure they would not mind helping you out. my coat was an old prom dress that is a lot happier now lol. I hope you post pics can't wait to see them.

    Thank you so much I wish i could say I used a pattern but didn't. Having said that I would hate for you not to be able to make your costumes so i would suggest you visit a Joann's and look for an Edwardian pattern similar to mine. I had made mine before the movie came out Halloween 2009 but you have an advantage over me the DVD is out and there are tons of books and images now to look at. I really hope this helps If there is anything else i can help you with please let me know.

    That hat looks fantastic! Did you recover a hat or did you make it from scratch? Either way, I'm very envious!

    Oh i so wish I was love Boston I am in very hot Florida.  I like it here just miss the snow sometimes.

    Thank you . I was surprised how many people knew who we were. But again we are in Disney everything state.