Picture of The removable PVC tubing bike surfrack
2013-08-26 07.18.21.jpg
2013-08-26 07.19.27.jpg
This is a easily removable bike rack made with PVC tubing and joints. The only skill required is  to cut the PVC pipe for jointing and drilling a hole for the lock pin. All Joints and bends are standard PVC fittings.

The rack is held in place by passing the saddle post through the rack and securing it with a lock pin. The rack can be removed compleately in less than 10 seconds  so if it is a bike you use for regular use this rack will be perfect

I've been using this regularly for a year now. Since i don't have too many build pictures i will add some drawings of the assembly along with the instructions

Considerations For the build
  • For the build use the smallest diameter PVC pipe through with seat post will pass.
  • Choose pipe that is thick (higher guage)
  • Build the rack so that the board sits on the side of the road your ride on.  
List Of Parts
  1. PVC pipe ( approximately 8 times the width of your board)
  2. 90 degree elbow bend ( 7 numbers)
  3. T junction (4 numbers)
  4. Suitable Size lock pin or a bolt
Tools Required
  • Measuring Tape
  • Hack Saw Blade
  • Drill
  • PVC Solvent cement or other suitable adhesive
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Nice Models! I used to have a surf rack on my old bike,it was the most wonderful thing for carrying lengths of wood too :D
rparente991 year ago
When riding with it is it hard to balance?
jangoachayan (author)  rparente991 year ago
Not at all . Wont even know its there :)
Petergottm1 year ago
Very nice!