Step 10: Ammo

Guns take multiple weights of bb, the main ones are:

0.12 gram - good for cheap guns.

0.20 gram - the average round for guns with an fps of 300-350.

0.25 gram - usually for sniper rifles.

0.30 gram and higher - for very powerful guns.
For snipers I would recommend a m24, vsr, or a l96. I personally own a l96 and love it
i am better at sniping but i don't have the money(i'm 13) to get a 100$ sniper rifle(well MB06 Airsoft Sniper Rifle to be exact) but i have a 400 fps AEG i'm going to use until i can! alongside a Tokyo Murie glock 22 gbb sidearm! (found it at a pawn shop for 50$ what a steal!)awesome post by the way!
I find that a Electric mp5 (with a folding [by that i mean sliding] stock) works great as a &quot;secondary&quot; weapon for any class, i myself am either light support or a rifleman, as my main weapon is an AUG, but with a longer metal barrel and a high cap magazine. <br>however i was stuck when it came to close quarters as my pistol albeit amazing it is only one shot (Taurus 24/7 with under-mounted laser, got from www.bbguns4less.co.uk) was just not enough to be actually useful, so after months of searching and lots of guns bought and sold i was stuck, until i found a nice, cheap but reliable MP5, this solves my problems perfectly, as the folding stock means that on occasions when i will be fighting in just close combat i can do without the AUG altogether as this means i will just extend the stock and attach a red dot sight to my mp5, i think and from personal experience i would definitely consider getting a small PDW such as an MP5/7/9 or even an m4, minus the stock and with the barrel extension removed. <br> <br>Hope i helped you with what is already a FANTASTIC instructable 5+ stars no question! <br>Dom <br> <br>(Pictures of my current USED load out, i have other guns but they are either too imprectical - a 8&quot; barrel python revolver, and a SM6 sniper/DMR)
why do you not recomend getting an ak?
&nbsp;No offence to people who want one, but the MP5 is identical in stats so it is cheaper to buy an MP5, but there alright. Although you dont really stand out with your own unique style cos' it's &quot;the terrorist weapon&quot; but really it doesnt matter if you buy one :) O yea most of them are cheaply made too.
i have to disagree because a mp5 is a submachine gun and an ak is a long rifle so they are completely different.i have one of both and i love both of them
&nbsp;ok, its just the cheap ones I mean, I mean the professional &pound;300 ones are great! its just the price...
... i dont know how much guns cost in europe, but here in the us, most professional/ match grade guns will cost you around $300, not 300 pounds (what is that like $600?)... my Classic Army pro-line m4 was $290, and its the best roll of cash iv ever spent
300 pounds is like 450 dollars but it's more expensive because of all the British tariffs and laws
here you can get a skirmish worthy gun for at least &pound;70......... also, you Americans get all the cool stuff! you get guns, you get ALL the swords and you get throwing stars!
yea... the one thing i would hate about airsofting in europe is the two- tone lime green or baby blue guns... but yea, a skrmish worthy gun would cost around $150, but if you want it to last, i would recomend spending a litle more. i gotta say i have never even heard of anyone using swords and/or throwing stars, so i dont think your missng out on that...
i don't mean sword and whatnot in a skirmish, i mean in general.
your a backyard player arent you?
well obviously &quot;My guide to backyard airsoft&quot;
&nbsp;yes, It says so in the instructable man! I think that spending that much on a gun is a bit much, so I just do backyard and also there's no skirmish site near where I live.
there isnt one where i live either but me and about 15 guys i know go up into the woods and play
&nbsp;that's what I would do, exept that my friends don't have any decent guns and I don't have enough to share out.
ya that sucks,but me and my friends used to all have springers and we played in our backyards and it was still freaking fun so keep on playing!&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; p.s.we finally got good guns because my dad got an auto so everyone was scared ,so we all bought&nbsp;big guns and know he has one of the worst guns lol and he still kicks our butts cuz he was in the navy =)&nbsp;
I'm gonna get a load of cheap springers then play in the woods near my house with my freinds soon.
why are you getting a bunch of them?
&nbsp;so we can have more than one gun each
i love running especially in woods. i gess i would make a good scout, is a p90 a good scouts weapon?
yea i guess a smg is good for scouts, but the p90 is really just like a tiny assualt rifle, even though officially it is in fact a pistol.
not to troll, but a P90 has a shorter barrel length than an MP5
I would recommend an M14 rifle.
Actually, KART M14 EBR. <br> $179.99 <br>AEG <br>350 FPS <br>Full metal <br>13 LBS.
that is the most....... TOTALLY AWESOME M14 EVER! buy the damn thing!
I'm trying to! But I don't even think that is that accurate. If you want an M4A1 Carbine, ( or M4A1), buy the G&amp;G Combat Machines M4A1. It's damn accurate, based on review. $139.99. I want that even more, but so far I'm even allowed to buy an airsoft because their, &quot;dangerouse&quot;, as my damn mom would say. But I went deer hunting today with a real gun(?), weird, right?
I have the G&amp;G combat machine M4a1 and i have to say it is a pretty good gun. But my friend bougth the blowback that has a little more power for a little more money. also it is a bit more compact. I would recommend this gun for a starter. BTW my friend had a $250 dollar gun and his was not even close to mines capabilities
Hah, I've only handled a duoble barrel shotgun before! I don't count my air rifle because it's not a firearm. But airsoft guns? dangerous? I have a sword for christ's sake! Show them how responsible you are by showing some professionallity in your intrest, like reasearching about skirmishes.
depends, is it the electric one?
Sorry, I had a few errors in my terrible typing. BTW, grassbag is when shoot adeer in the stomach. :]
I couldn't reply,[at first, error], but I would recommend the gun in my above ^ comment. I'm trying to convince my parents to let me buy one.
is it really a pistol?
indeed it is, it says so on wiki, and the d90h says its a pistol on the side of it as well.
That's a Walther P99, not a PPK.
Oh yeah, you're right. PPK's the small one..... I'll change that at some point.
i dressed like a helgast from kill zone and used my super modded rpk and stakeout
try a TARUS 24/7 - amazing gun!
Ah yes, I forgot about the Taurus! What particular model are you talking about?
lol i dress like terrorist with my ak-47 and everybody is like OMG!!! lol nice 'ible
i saw this full metal 450fps (CRAZY) cyma ak104 from hongkong for &pound;140 with portage. im thinking of getting it and nailing all my freinds. <br>
awesome! :D
I recently got a second hand cyma desert eagle aep. I found that you can fit 8 AAA batteries (9.6V) , possibly 12 (14.4V) in the front of the gun under the barrel. but you have to remove the original battery and the bottom ris rail and the weight in the front of the gun. now im going to try and make an 9.6v 1800mah battery (8 rechargeable AAA's) to fit in the gun but I might reduce this to 8.4v 1800mah (rechargeable AAA's) to spare the motor. the original battery pack is 7.2v 500mah, you can fit a 9.6v- 7.2v 1800mah battery pack in. all you need are some awesome AAA rechargeable batteries and some skill with simple electronics.i got my 1.2v 1800mah AAA's from Ebay.
so it's a good gun then?
yeah. its got a decent fps. good range for a gun of its size. good accuracy and and amazing rate of fire. although not very accurate on full auto. it doesn't have the feeling of raw power that desert eagles should have but as an airsoft gun side arm its brilliant. one problem was the main gear that pulls on the piston wore down quite quickly so the gun stopped firing. so I bought a replacement made from a stronger steel and got it firing as good as new. a few months later and there was no ware at all on this gear. <br>I got the replacement gear at <br>http://www.airsoftworld.net/shs-aep-steel-sector-double-gear.html
Hmm, I see. First I think I'll buy a better rifle, maybe the palco firepower XM8 thats on sale at actionhobbies.
I have since upgraded the spring to a 270-300fps spring and the gear is going great.

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