Step 3: Pistols

 Ok lets get this started, first of all you'll need a gun.

Sidearms: best to buy one of these first. You'll probably need one. (unless you have more mags and your gun doesn't jam ever.).

beretta m92- Probably a good one to start with, you can get a 190 fps full metal spring one for about £17. The AEP (auto electric pistol) ones are around £20-£30 and are plastic,  as for  gas I havent a clue.

glock 17/18/21- A popular gun, spring ones are very cheap and plastic (that said, the cyma ones are brilliant.) £5-£15. The AEP ones are £20 (ABS plastic) to £60 (metal)

desert eagle- generally not too good for a beginner due to it's stupidly large size, spring is about £5 (wont last a 4 weeks) -£20 (decent ABS plastic). AEP tend to be £25 (ABS) -£60 (metal)

colt pocket- a small pistol that makes a good backup, spring is £8-£20, gas is £20-£50

walther ppk- medium sized, generally good all rounder, spring is £1-£60, AEP £25-£200

pistol uzi- good for those who want a bit more ammo, though harder to cock than a conventional pistol. spring is £5-£20, AEP is £20-£300

usp- another overlooked all rounder, usually comes with a suppressor. spring is £20-£30, AEG £30-£400, gas £100-£500

Revolvers- best not to buy, low ammo cap, hard to reload ect. Although they are very scary looking and realistic (loads with shells with a bb in each) best for more experienced players as they can set you back £20-£100.

Mini series- reduced sized guns, can't be taken too seriously, but make no mistake they are just as good as having an smg. AEP £20-£30
An Villain3 years ago
That's a Walther P99, not a PPK.
Neovenetar (author)  An Villain3 years ago
Oh yeah, you're right. PPK's the small one..... I'll change that at some point.
try a TARUS 24/7 - amazing gun!
Neovenetar (author)  jabbathegut14 years ago
Ah yes, I forgot about the Taurus! What particular model are you talking about?
chubby84 years ago
I recently got a second hand cyma desert eagle aep. I found that you can fit 8 AAA batteries (9.6V) , possibly 12 (14.4V) in the front of the gun under the barrel. but you have to remove the original battery and the bottom ris rail and the weight in the front of the gun. now im going to try and make an 9.6v 1800mah battery (8 rechargeable AAA's) to fit in the gun but I might reduce this to 8.4v 1800mah (rechargeable AAA's) to spare the motor. the original battery pack is 7.2v 500mah, you can fit a 9.6v- 7.2v 1800mah battery pack in. all you need are some awesome AAA rechargeable batteries and some skill with simple electronics.i got my 1.2v 1800mah AAA's from Ebay.
Neovenetar (author)  chubby84 years ago
so it's a good gun then?
yeah. its got a decent fps. good range for a gun of its size. good accuracy and and amazing rate of fire. although not very accurate on full auto. it doesn't have the feeling of raw power that desert eagles should have but as an airsoft gun side arm its brilliant. one problem was the main gear that pulls on the piston wore down quite quickly so the gun stopped firing. so I bought a replacement made from a stronger steel and got it firing as good as new. a few months later and there was no ware at all on this gear.
I got the replacement gear at
Neovenetar (author)  chubby84 years ago
Hmm, I see. First I think I'll buy a better rifle, maybe the palco firepower XM8 thats on sale at actionhobbies.
chubby8 chubby84 years ago
I have since upgraded the spring to a 270-300fps spring and the gear is going great.
chubby85 years ago
you can get the automatic barreta of action hobbys for £5. there is supposedly somthing wrong with it but its a easy fix (i think it somthing to do with the batteries or connections) i downgraded my ones blow back spring and upgraded the main spring to up the fps to 170-190fps. but the rate of fire is still he same. its a cool little gun.
Neovenetar (author)  chubby85 years ago
yea i have one one of those, the problem is it only take alkaline batteries so its really a great deal, but it feels a bit light and fragile doesn't it?