Step 5: Main weapons (CQB) close quarters battle

 All the smgs for using indoors, in woods ect.


mp5-the ultimate QCB machine, small compact and with a folding stock, you can use it with one hand, stats are on par with the ak47. spring ones are hard to come by and not worth the money £10-£20. AEG is £30-£150.
GBB is £100-£400.

mp5k- more like a pistol than the mp5, slightly cheaper with no stock and a shorter barrel. AEG is £70-300, similar price with gas.

p90- looks very futuristic, tiny gun can be used with one hand but is very accurate with its bullpup design. doesn't come in spring, AEG is £20(no accessories)-£30(accsessories)-£300(metal sniper)

uzi-not very accurate and hard to find a cheap one that takes mags but still a great gun. spring £10 and AEG £20-£40.

mp7-hard to find but well worth the search, very small so you can use with one hand and has a folding foregrip that is so cool looking, some models also have a adjustable stock. spring one is epic poundland crap £1-£10 amazing. AEG is very hard to find but is £20-£300. GBB is £100-£300.

ump45-not exactly an smg, same size, but more on par with an assault rifle in power and range, good looking and has a folding stock, but tends to cost a lot. AEG is £100-£300, GBB is also £100-£300
I find that a Electric mp5 (with a folding [by that i mean sliding] stock) works great as a "secondary" weapon for any class, i myself am either light support or a rifleman, as my main weapon is an AUG, but with a longer metal barrel and a high cap magazine.
however i was stuck when it came to close quarters as my pistol albeit amazing it is only one shot (Taurus 24/7 with under-mounted laser, got from www.bbguns4less.co.uk) was just not enough to be actually useful, so after months of searching and lots of guns bought and sold i was stuck, until i found a nice, cheap but reliable MP5, this solves my problems perfectly, as the folding stock means that on occasions when i will be fighting in just close combat i can do without the AUG altogether as this means i will just extend the stock and attach a red dot sight to my mp5, i think and from personal experience i would definitely consider getting a small PDW such as an MP5/7/9 or even an m4, minus the stock and with the barrel extension removed.

Hope i helped you with what is already a FANTASTIC instructable 5+ stars no question!

(Pictures of my current USED load out, i have other guns but they are either too imprectical - a 8" barrel python revolver, and a SM6 sniper/DMR)
JamesTB135 years ago
Airsoft guns must be a LOT cheaper in the UK, I've rarely seen a good PISTOL for under 40 bucks. and you've got SMGs for like 80??? I'm not saying you're giving false information, but please link me to those sites!
Neovenetar (author)  JamesTB135 years ago
ok which gun are you looking at then? i must warn you, if you buy it in the uk it will be in two tone.
Yeah, I'm thinking an M4/M16. Also, I think the two-tone looks a hell of a lot better than clear plastic :P
Neovenetar (author)  JamesTB135 years ago
here you go http://www.zipsales.co.uk/ourshop/prod_873859-Navy-Seal-M15A4-CQB-BB-Rifle-Collapsible-Stock-Airsoft-Gun-New-Version.html part metal and 300 fps.
thanks for the link, i think the bright neon actually looks pretty cool i just emailed them to see if they ship to canada
Neovenetar (author)  JamesTB135 years ago
now it's my turn to say:, you Americans are lucky, you get all the ninja weapons! and we only get the ropes straight katana and knives =(
Well hey hey, hold on there a sec. I'm Canadian.....,eh? lol, and i have no idea what you're talking about
Neovenetar (author)  JamesTB135 years ago
oh wait, you guys in Canada, where you cant even have crossbows, i pity you guys, at least your not in Australia where NERF GUNS are band!
We can have crossbows......where'd you get that idea? Australia.....wow. Which part of the U.K. are you in anyway? I have some (distant) family in England.
Neovenetar (author)  JamesTB135 years ago
Oh awesome.
Neovenetar (author)  JamesTB135 years ago
hmm.....no reply from that site yet. Think if maybe they don't reply in a week maybe you could buy one and ship it? The two-tone looks kind of badass, like 'look at me and DIE' lol.
Neovenetar (author)  JamesTB135 years ago
hmm, to me two tone more screams " look a me I'm owned by an airsoft noob" =( unfortunately they are the only guns i can buy without being part of a licensed skirmish.
chubby85 years ago
the p90 r9 on geniestuff and justbbguns is great. only £50 but 400rpm and 300fps greart value for money. i made mine have an automatic winding mag(220 rounds), sprayed it, and stuck a wedge 8.4v 3700mah battery on it so the rof has increased and i hardly ever have to charge it.
Neovenetar (author)  chubby85 years ago
 yeh, im thinking of geting one of those myself
its definetly worth it it much better than any other airsoft gun for the same money also the p90 is compact and wony break like other cheaper bb guns.  
Neovenetar (author)  chubby85 years ago
 yes, unlike some p90s *cough* *cough* well D90H *cough*