Step 6: Other weapons

Picture of Other weapons
 These are weapons that are in categories of their own.

Sniper rifles: these are quite useful actually.

sm6-it looks cool and is quite portable, comes with a scope, silencer and has a bipod built into the only really comes in spring and is £10-£25

xm8/sm8-a well known rifle that looks like it came from halo. spring is £20-£30. AEG is £50-£300

g36k-A sniper version of the g36, very accurate. spring goes for £30-£50, AEG is £70-£300

Shotguns: in the world of airsoft these are more like sniper rifles unless they are tri shot.

m47- comes in the A2 B2 C2 and D2 versions all are slightly different (eg. the B2 is a pistol grip shotgun)

spas 12- most take shells rather than mags. spring £30-£300

mossberg- rock solid, a good starter gun. spring £20-£70

Grenade launchers: nobody really uses these apart from veterans, basically they are just a gigantic shotgun on the bottom of your gun.£20-£500

The minigun: Just no, you'll be the first to get shot and their bloody heavy. AEG £3000

Support gun: Usually on par with assault rifles, but higher rate of fire and weight. AEG £100-£700
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chubby85 years ago
my brother managed to snap his airsoft shot gun in half where the barrell meets the body when he fell over on landed on it . but it was easily fixed with some super glue
Neovenetar (author)  chubby85 years ago
lol, my freind completley broke my cyma p.788 shotgun but it was really cheap, only £12
my brothers shotguns barrel snapped off again so he tried to super glue it back together. he left it upright so all the glue dripped in side the gun a screwed the whole thing up. i bought it off him for a fiver, took it apart and fixxed it all, apart from the safty. who needs safty?
tidy it up and use sandpaper on the end and voila!!! you my friend, have a sawn off shotgun!!!
chubby85 years ago
the palco fp8 xm8 on action hobbys is an automatic xm8. it an AWSOME gun and only £35. its 350 fps with 0.12g bbs and 400rpm with a hicap 400 round mag it comes with a mask, speed loader and 1000bbs but the gun is made of clear abs which i find breaks easily. i definetly preffer the p90 r9 of just bb guns though. the p90 is comact and tough and powerful.
Neovenetar (author)  chubby85 years ago
really, i wondered about getting that gun, so its easy to break?, i think the p90 is a better choice too
yeah the stock broak off the xm8 but was easily fixed with super glue, the p90 is built like a brick compared.