Picture of The scrapbooking
The scrapbooking is a shape of creative leisure consisting in introducing photos into a decoration in touch with the tackled issue, with the aim of emphasizing them by a presentation more original than a simple album photo.
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Step 1: The materials :

Picture of The materials :
First of all it is necessary to us to choose a support, the interest of the scrapbooking is that he can apply to any support or surfaces as an album photo, one to read, an exercise book. From then on I chose as support as my project several pictures of various sizes. So the pictures of smaller size which will be placed on the big picture will allow to put of the relief in the picture and will put in front of photos or objects.

Step 2:

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One of the techniques of the scrapbooking is to cover objects by means of special, united papers or with motives to color. So for this picture, I chose papers with as motives for stripes, floors, peas, candies, or wooden toys. I also chose the other materials which can cover objects as, crêpe paper or lightweight felt. To play with the materials, the textures return the playful scrapbooking. Obviously it’s important that the colors of its various materials get married well so that the result is homogeneous, aesthetic. In this picture I chose as color: the blue, the green and the orange.

Step 3:

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The main technique of the scrapbooking consists in adding small objects and stickers always in keeping, of course, with the theme and to the color code of our composition. So I chose, objects such as: a heart in polystyrene to be decorated, small pencils, of pins, a small box, some small wooden objects appropriate for the childish universe. Moreover I decide to add it stickers, and transfers making reference to the childhood (representing child's pacifiers, cuddly toys, rattles), or to the person to whom I am going to offer it.

Step 4:

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The purpose of the scrapbooking being to emphasize photos in a set having the same theme as these, we need sure photos!