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~~~ What to do with some leftover mastic ~~~
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Step 1: Nota bene

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This is an experiment.  It remains to be seen how well this material will hold up to the weather outside.  I'm hoping that a good coat of exterior grade paint should be all the protection it needs.  I won't know till next year whether this is a really great idea or not.
That looks like fun, actually.
foobear (author)  CreativeGeek2 years ago
No prob! Also, wearing gloves of course, you could just skip the putty knife altogether and just smash the mastic on the bucket using your hands, actually. That could also work with joint compound as well.
Awesome! I'm always looking for ways to repurpose buckets and such.
foobear (author)  sparkleponytx2 years ago
me too I have so many of these various sturdy buckets collected - one can only use so many though really. Can't believe I didn't think of it before
Ninzerbean2 years ago
This is so timely! Construction workers left a big bucket of joint compound (why not try that too) and a bunch of leftover stones from the shower floor - this is exactly what I am going to do! Will send a photo when it's done. Oh, and grout, they left buckets of grout too.
foobear (author)  Ninzerbean2 years ago
way cool! yes do send/post the photo!
foobear (author)  foobear2 years ago
Grout should work perfectly for this - good stuff
That looks like a really fancy pot now. The texture is so neat!
foobear (author)  jessyratfink2 years ago
yay!! thanks for noticing! :)