The Secret of the Heart Shaped Egg





Introduction: The Secret of the Heart Shaped Egg

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An instructable about heart shaped eggs.

Step 1: Materials

  • an egg
  • cardboard
  • a pencil OR a stick (I use a pencil)
  • some handkerchiefs
  • some rubberbands

Step 2: Cook

Cook the egg.

Step 3: Fold

While the egg is cooking, fold the cardboard in half.

(Note: The folded cardboard must be a little bit smaller than the egg.)

Step 4: Peel

Peel the egg.

Step 5: Stand

After the egg is cooked, let stand it for 2 minutes.

Step 6: Stuff

Stuff the folded cardboard with some handkerchiefs.

Step 7: Put

Put the egg in the center of the cardboard.

WARNING: The egg must be stand head downwards! (You can see how in the 2.-3. picture)

Step 8: Push

Push the pencil/stick into the middle of the egg.

Step 9: Hold

Hold both ends with the rubber bands.

WARNING: The egg must be warm.

Step 10: Leave

Leave the the egg alone for 1 hour.

Step 11: Remove

Remove the rubber bands from the cardboard. Take the egg out of the cardboard.

Step 12: Done

Your heart shaped egg is done. ❤

Thanks for visiting my instructable! And of course: don't forget to vote in the rubber bands challenge!
Thanks: Snitzel



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Wow that is Really cool! Every Valentines Day our Family has a V-day Breakfast, were everything has to be Heart Shaped. We could never figure out how to do Eggs so we didn't :) Now we can use it! THANKS!

Great idea... but something tells me iv seen this idea before...

Anyway, I still like it!

cool !!!!!!!!!

I wish I'd discovered this the other day.

I could send this to lunch wrapped up with a chop stick instead of a pencil.What a cute bento idea

Dankeschön :D

nice thanks, was this your idea ?

You ask a Schnitzel? You better don't ask a Schnitzel because a Schnitzel sometimes doesn't says the truth. It's a sly Schnitzel... :D

well just made a heart shaped cookie cutter from an olive can, but i'm sure I have seen it(used can cookie cutter) before but can't remember where, I'm gonna make thin sheet cake of red velvet - heart shaped whoopees i guess

How cool would (will) this be for a surprise Valentine's day breakfast?! Thanks for sharing.