The Simple Relay Driver Board for TTL, Arduino, PIC, Etc...





Introduction: The Simple Relay Driver Board for TTL, Arduino, PIC, Etc...

Hi all!

Thanks for having a gander. This is my first video instructable, so I hope you all like it! A lot of time and detail went into the making of the video. This instructable is for a very simple relay driver circuit that you can use to power AC using small 5v DC voltages. Namely digital signals that come off of your microprocessor. While we do sell a kit of this design with a PCB, you can easily come up with the parts yourself for only a few bucks.

The video covers the operation, assembly, and circuit theory. I also give a good demonstration at the end.
I'd like to note that the diode across the base of the transistor IS talked about in the video, so make sure to watch!

A PDF of the schematic can be found here:
We're selling this as a kit in our ebay store: and at our web site:

hanks for watching everyone!



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if i use a 6V relay instead of a 5V relay,what changes do i have to make?? Do i need to simply use 6V as Vcc?? or some other changes are to be made??

so it works like a mosfet

Nice: simple and functional. Relays are useful buy maybe it's better to use a TRIAC with a MOC if you want to do a dimmer or something like that.

Thank you for sharing, excelent for being your first video instructable!