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Introduction: Wii Wheel

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All you need are these items:
A plate (small is better)
A wii remote
and some scotch or masking tape

Step 1: The Wrist Strap

Tape the wrist strap strap neatly onto the back of the plate

Step 2: Tape the Wii Remote Onto the Front of the Plate and Ta Daa!

There you have it! a cheap steering wheel for wii!

**I am not responsible for any broken dishes **



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    I can hear it now wii wheel wii weal rock you

    thats the point. its supposed to be for those people who dont want to spend $10 on a real one

    I would truthfully spend $10 before I did this.

    how do use use the b button?

    cut a hole in the plate where it would be

    uh, you commented on my rant. I think you meant to tell the author. try again, click "add comment".

    I know, this one is a joke, the other one is real

    Im just saying, the name is funny.

    paper plate.

    its a piece of **** but it works!

    If you were this desperate for a wii wheel then you could stick the remote in a donut and at least it would taste better.

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    Donut? Whats a donut?

    I know, this is a joke, but it does work.

    I was thinking of making one of these but with a Frisbee. Maybe the plastic golf club, tennis racket, and bat parts I got with my console could be used for a holder. May try a plate. Thanks. -Yak

    for mario kart you do need to press the B button (for drifting) so maybe you could use a paper plate and cut out a hole to access the B button.