Picture of Wii wheel
All you need are these items:
A plate (small is better)
A wii remote
and some scotch or masking tape

Step 1: The wrist strap

Picture of The wrist strap
Tape the wrist strap strap neatly onto the back of the plate
ElvenChild4 years ago
I can hear it now wii wheel wii weal rock you
GTRPLR19956 years ago
Thats so cheap it's not even funny.
thats the point. its supposed to be for those people who dont want to spend $10 on a real one
I would truthfully spend $10 before I did this.
EnigmaMax7 years ago
wii wheel! HA! that's almost as funny as wiimote!
how do use use the b button?
cut a hole in the plate where it would be
uh, you commented on my rant. I think you meant to tell the author. try again, click "add comment".
Bartboy (author)  EnigmaMax7 years ago
I know, this one is a joke, the other one is real
Im just saying, the name is funny.
JellyWoo6 years ago
how do you press the B button?
Bartboy (author)  JellyWoo6 years ago
paper plate.
dude not bad i know alot of people who will love this
Bartboy (author)  Bendu Olo4257 years ago
its a piece of **** but it works!
If you were this desperate for a wii wheel then you could stick the remote in a donut and at least it would taste better.
Bartboy (author)  Xander da gr87 years ago
Donut? Whats a donut?
that is really funny.
Bartboy (author)  MattLikesMusic7 years ago
I know, this is a joke, but it does work.
Yakster7 years ago
I was thinking of making one of these but with a Frisbee. Maybe the plastic golf club, tennis racket, and bat parts I got with my console could be used for a holder. May try a plate. Thanks. -Yak
supersaddy7 years ago
for mario kart you do need to press the B button (for drifting) so maybe you could use a paper plate and cut out a hole to access the B button.
Bartboy (author)  supersaddy7 years ago
True, but the 1 button has the same effect as B
Hellchild7 years ago
too small
Bartboy (author)  Hellchild7 years ago
Whats to small about it? you need to press all buttons exept b
Whats to small about it?? the fact that it's not big
that's exactly what I mean
lol, that would make it small.
lol, exactly