This is an awesome laser show, and it is fairly cheap, using some stuff you have lying around, like:
-a laser (you can use more that one),
-a test tube stand for each laser (that the laser can rest on),
-stereo speakers that have a subwoofer in them, and can be pumped pretty loud,
-a small, light mirror fragment (about 1/2in. squared)
-a piece of light cloth,
-an embriodery hoop big enough to strech the full cloth over
-scotch tape,
-and som really bass-filled music that can be played through the speakers

Step 1: Making the Hoop

take the embriodery hoop and stretch  the fabric piece over it and lock it there. then, use superglue to attatch the mirror to the center of the fabric.
Try glue the mirror onto the middle of a speaker and aim the laser at it, works great!
sorry may i can't understand it but i dont get it....how it works? give a video....
That is a really cool idea.<br>Can it work with any laser pointer, like the ones that you can pick up at Target for $1.50?
Yup, sure you can use a cheap laser pointer, but the room has to be really dark to see it.

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