I am going to show you the simplest way to solve a rubik's cube for beginners!!!

Step 1: Names of Algrothims

R=right up
L=left up
U=up right
Ri=right down
Li=left down
Ui=up left
F=front clockwise
Fi=front counterclockwise
<p>i dont know how to do it at all please help me </p>
<p>will it work for speed cubes?</p>
Yah. I have a speed cube and it worked for me
I am stuck on the last step! Every time I try it I just mix it up! Please help!
<p>Its so hard with the T I need help</p>
From the looks of ur picture, it seems that u did the white cross wrong, so go look back on that.
<p>ots so hard</p>
I is too hard plz help!????
I am confused with all the steps a little please help me.
I cant undrastand after step 4.....please help me friend.
<p>me either when i do the white face i do not have any L's</p>
<p>Nate Neal I think now I understand what you're saying by Fi and all the other formulas that you talk about now by the way it's me Zach</p>
<p>Wonderful method! I loved it!!!!</p>
<p>This helped so much omg thank you </p>
Hey guyz... Its easy to solve it... But dqmm i stuck on the last stage pl.s help me out...<br>I got stuck pl.s see d pic... N help me friend if u can... I really wanna do it...<br>Can wtsapp me on...8800939402...<br>Or mail me @ hmnsh.shrm13@gmail.com
<p>you must have disassembled before because it is actually possible to assemble it in the wrong way, there is no way of solving it now but you can take out the last piece and put it back in the right way then, it should be fine ,trust me i had the same situation.</p>
Maximi... Thnks for showing your interest in replying me. But i tried... A lot... But still waiting for d ryt move.<br>
<p>have u completed it yet I can help</p>
<p>Have you tried any of the online helpers? Where you can input how your cube looks and it will help you solve it? Do it a few times until you get the feel on your own.</p>
<p>mind if I could see the blue face...I think I could help with that</p>
<p>sorry but that is really funny LOL</p>
<p>i can solve the rubix cube in 45 sec with the website below</p>
<p>go to https://ruwix.com/the-rubiks-cube/how-to-solve-the-rubiks-cube-beginners-method/ and go all the way to the bottom and there will be sections of how to solve the rubix cube</p>
<p>please tell me.</p>
<p>what&quot;s your secret</p>
<p>I tried and tried. but still no. :(</p>
<p>this is hard!!!!!</p>
<p>i solve it about 13.56 second</p>
<p>This is a decent guide for someone like me, who has solved it before, and knows the handholds, but forgets the moves to make, but is very bad to anyone who has never solved the Rubik's Cube before, as you do not tell them what side to put each color on, as it is very important to know that.</p>
<p>how fast can you solve it </p>
<p>There is a much easier way than this!</p><p>It can be done by repeating the same four moves until its solved. See: <a href="http://cube.crider.co.uk/miris.html" rel="nofollow"> http://cube.crider.co.uk/miris.html</a></p>
in this down-left algorithm steps wrote wrong.Correct algorithm is Ui Li U L U F Ui Fi
<p>Good steps, but poor explanation.</p><p>Try this video. It's my personal favorite tutorial. https://youtu.be/nInGsSmjeds</p>
Baddddd very baaadd
<p>help please!!!!</p>
<p>i am not sure i understand????????</p>
<p>wonderful tutorial! I can now solve the cube in under 2 minutes.</p>
<p>you stupid guys dont undestand the method i solved it</p>
<p>the worst thing ever!!</p>
<p>Yeah...I just kinda stumbled around here for no apparent reason but if you guys are looking for a teacher better check out badmephisto <a href="http://badmephisto.com/" rel="nofollow">http://badmephisto.com/</a><br><br>i just started cubing a couple of months ago and now i average 45 seconds on speedcubing thanks to this guy</p>
<p>absloutley terrible</p>
<p>how do think we are going to do it without knowing the moves</p>
<p>Not helpful at all</p>
No helpful
naw, there is still an &quot; easier &quot; way to solve it...<br /> <br /> break it apart and put it back together the right way&nbsp; :)<br />
<p>Or take the stickers off</p>
<p>i did that before but than it ruined my rubix cube. then i had to get another rubix cube, and its neon color </p>

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