Picture of The simplest way to solve the rubix cube
I am going to show you the simplest way to solve a rubik's cube for beginners!!!
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Step 1: Names of algrothims

Picture of names of algrothims
R=right up
L=left up
U=up right
Ri=right down
Li=left down
Ui=up left
F=front clockwise
Fi=front counterclockwise

Step 2: White around the yellow

Picture of white around the yellow
The first step to solvbing the rubik's cube is to get the white edges around the yellow center piece.  This should be very easy.

Step 3: The white cross with matching side pieces

Picture of The white cross with matching side pieces
The next step is to do this: on the ajecent side of the white sides, match the center color with its upper side, like the picture below

Step 4: White top with T's

Picture of White top with T's
This is when your first algroithm comes in!  First, flip your cube over to where the whites are on the bottom.  Next, look for white EDGES on the side of the cube.  if you see one on the right this is what you do: match the other side of the sticker to its center color, and do the following algroithm: L, Ui, Li.  If it is on the Left, do the same thing and do the following algroithm: R, U, Ri.  Your cube should look like this:

Step 5: Completed white, first layer and now second layer

Picture of Completed white, first layer and now second layer
To get your cube to look like this, you have to do this: Look for edge pieces that do NOT contain yellow.  If there is none, than do one of the algrothims listed below.  If you do have one, look at how they need to go down-right, or down-left.  If it needs to go down-right, place the lower color to where it matches its center color.  Then do the following: U, R, Ui, Ri, Ui, Fi, U, F.  If it needs to go down-left, do the same thing and do the following: Ui, L, U, Li, U, F, Ui, Fi.  Do that with all of the sides, and the cube should look like this:

Step 6: Yellow cross

Picture of Yellow cross
The next step is to get the yellow cross on top.  this is how you do it: There should be a yellow dot, fliped L, line, or a cross.  lets start with the dot.  (this algrothim goes for all of these steps)  This is the algrothim: F, R, U, Ri, Ui, Fi. (move the L to where it looks fliped)  When your done, it should look like this:

Step 7: "Fish"

Picture of
In order to get this, do this algrothim sevral times intill you have a "fish", like below: R, U, Ri, U, R, U, U, Ri.

Step 8: Full yellow

Picture of Full yellow
To get this, line up the "head of the fish" to its matching center colors, and on one side, you will see a yellow edge piece a square away from the "head of the fish".  If it is on the right, do this: R, U, Ri, U, R, U, U, Ri.  If its on the left, do this: L, Ui, Li, Ui, L, Ui, Ui, Li.  It shouls look like this:

Step 9: Matching edges

Picture of Matching edges
To get this, look for a side that has matching edges, like the picture below.  In order to get this, once you have found a match, place it to your left, and do the following: Li, Ui, Ri, U, L, Ui, R.  You should be back at the "fish"  Do the same thing in step 8 again, and you will have matching edges!

Step 10: Last step!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Picture of last step!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The last step to solving the rubik's cube is this: line the full square other than white or yellow, and hold it away from you and do this: F, F, bring the side piece to its center color, Li, Ri, F, F, L, R, twist to where the full layer is in its square, F, F.

Step 11: Done!

Picture of Done!
Congradulations!  You solved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey guyz... Its easy to solve it... But dqmm i stuck on the last stage pl.s help me out...
I got stuck pl.s see d pic... N help me friend if u can... I really wanna do it...
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Or mail me @ hmnsh.shrm13@gmail.com

sorry but that is really funny LOL

you must have disassembled before because it is actually possible to assemble it in the wrong way, there is no way of solving it now but you can take out the last piece and put it back in the right way then, it should be fine ,trust me i had the same situation.

Maximi... Thnks for showing your interest in replying me. But i tried... A lot... But still waiting for d ryt move.

Have you tried any of the online helpers? Where you can input how your cube looks and it will help you solve it? Do it a few times until you get the feel on your own.

naw, there is still an " easier " way to solve it...

break it apart and put it back together the right way  :)

Or take the stickers off

Yea, but what is the challenge in that?

One of the coolest things is to stand there and solve a cube in front of a group of people.  It is even better when you are good enough to stare at them a few moments while turning the sides to completion. 
sm12242 months ago
AngelaH65 months ago

help please i got stuck after white cross help plz?

goneholidays9 months ago


For easy steps go to this link www.solve-cube.blogspot.com

thank you for giving such a wonderfull information to solve rubiks cube thank you , now am compleat my cube in just ''50sec'' and am also teach to my friends to help solving cube

dijae1 year ago

tagalog version here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8XvHItdzRpY

It is much easier then that... The “less is more method” uses
just 1 movement (algorithm) and no memorization needed! See the video:


cool but i dont get how you follow these steps to make that pattern.

How to solve a Rubix Cube... Nice tutorial!