The Storm 221 V1.4 Knex High Range Low Accuracy Rifle





Introduction: The Storm 221 V1.4 Knex High Range Low Accuracy Rifle

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Hi guys, this is my second instructable, not including my slideshows, and also a second installment of the 5 (hopefully!) versions of the storm 220 series. It is actually quite accurate, and has a decent sight.

Version history
Storm 221 V 1.0: An extremely hard to use block trigger rifle, with no front grip

V1.1: Having destroyed my machine gun (which, by the way, I miss *sniff*), I had the pieces to make a hand grip and add a true trigger.

V1.2: I added a side loading hopper, which somehow lowered the range of the sniper rifle considerably, even without any elastic bands.

V1.3: I removed the mag again, and improved the stock, having a few pieces left.

V1.4: I added a pinpoint mod to the scope.

I am not liable for anything you do with this gun, I have hurt people, and it will probably break objects indoors.''

Step 1: KSBF's Pats List. Again.

part list:


dark gray:17
lt gray:4

tan clips:24
y clips:8

Step 2: Handle and Trigger Segment

1. The aim
2. Build this
3. Build this (sorry about poor quality image)
4. Attach the trigger to the handle part
5. Add other side on, and the handle is complete

Step 3: Stock

Follow the Pictures

2.Build this
3.Different View
4.Build the firing pin
5.Build this
6.Build these
7. Add these to the back
8. Add these to the front
9. Add the firing pin
10.Attach the back to the end of the butt.
11.Connect to the handle/trigger

Step 4: Main Body Part One - the Sides

Follow the pictures

1. Aim for end of step 5
2. Face 1 (check to make sure you have all of the blue rods)
3. Face 2

Step 5: Body Step 2 - Innards

1. Build this
2. And this
3. Different view
4. Different view
5.Build 2 of these

Step 6: Body Final Step 3 - Construction

Follow the pictures

1.Attach these on to the body side 1
2. Attach the orange connector/blue rod contraption you made in the last step and the barrel.
3. Different view
4. Attach side 2 on and attach to the rest of the gun.

Step 7: Barrel and Hand Grip

Follow the pictures

2. Build this
3. Different view
4. Build this too
5. Different view
6. Attach grip to barrel
7. Attach barrel/ grip to rest of gun
8. Completed gun

Step 8: Adding Rubberbands

Follow the pictures need one small rubberband, and a few long ones for best results
2. Attach long ones from here (front of the scope)...
3. Under the top of the stock to here
4.Put small one from here...
5. To here

Step 9: Loading and Firing

To load, pull the firing pin back until the trigger arm locks in place, put a single yellow rod in the open side of the barrel, and push it forward slightly into the barrel. Then just aim, pull the trigger, and boom!

Thank you for building my second gun. If you have any questions, just post them here!
The Jamalam :)



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    lol i remember i built this a long time ago and i would always hold the gun upside down to pull back the ram, cause i cant pull it with my left, too uncomfortable


    Is the range more or less than 70 ft? 

    Oh, well then. never mind my comment! 

    :( nvm i cant hilight it but it is pretty easy

    Wow People are excpecting everything from you!

    I know :/ It's a side effect of being me :P

    i'm scared I axiddently pressed a button now everything is italicized! :(

    Is there and itallics glitch on the page?

    dude the bullet doesn't even leaves the barrel it sticks to the yellow

    dude do you think you can scale this down i dont have muh knex pices. only 2 bins of like 450

    2 replies

    i dont know, maybe I could make a V2..

    and the v2 uses even more than this, also it doesnt perform as good.