The Storm 222 V1.1 Knex Pseudo Semi Auto Rifle





Introduction: The Storm 222 V1.1 Knex Pseudo Semi Auto Rifle

Hi guys, this is my third instructable, and the third of five in the storm series. I believe that this rifle is the first of its kind. It uses a mechanism that i invented, and a similar one to this was released by banana inventor, but it uses the same concept of a gear or cog having its rotational force transferred to one perpendicular to it.. Before i get loads of comments about stealing from banana inventor, look at my forum topic, which was released a while ago.

Version history
V1.0: I made a concept mechanism for a gun which was a chain driven semi auto, it didn't have a body and was a bit of frame with a bare mechanism.
V1.1: I made the faulty much better with secure pieces, and made a frame

It features:
1 pull of the trigger = one shot, no cocking
a decent stock, better than the old storms
true trigger
as many shots as you like, just put a long chain on

Step 1: The Stock

This is the stock or butt of the gun, just follow the pictures to build it

Step 2: Main Body Step 1: Get Parts

Get everything in the pictures

Step 3: Body Step 2: Building and Connecting

Follow the pictures

Step 4: Front Section

This is the front of the gun, follow the pictures
Pictures 10 + 11 are the chain

Step 5: Adding Rubberbands, Loading and Firing

okay follow the pictures.
1. add from here
2. to here
3/4. you're done!

Step 6: Loading and Firing

this gun is a bit different to most: you rotate the wheel on the side back as far as possible so that the rubberband is nearly under, then you put the chain on and every time you pull the trigger, it shoots.
That's all, if you have any Q.s, pm or comment.


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DARN!!! i dont have those black square plates
can i replace them with some connectors or something?

I know, late reply...
But yeah, probably.
Try using snowflakes with white rods

Duh, pull yourself together man

You don't have to be very clever to comprehend these photos. This explains a lot about you.
PS: You'll find the caps lock key above the shift key.
PPS: The shift key is the one with the arrow on it.

Whats funny is that you only reply to someone when they are hurting your feelings. I see many other comments that show people need help with this gun and you ignore. That shows the kind of person you are.

Your argument is invalid.
This gun is incredibly simple to build if you have a pair of eyes and a brain to comprehend this information. Most of the help comments on here would be made worse if I replied, purely because they can't work it out in the first place.
It doesn't really show what kind of person I am, because you just tried and failed to argue. Your spade is very good, the hole you are digging yourself into is very deep indeed.

can you just leave the band on forever and ever?

i dont understand the belt!!!!! please someone give me an in dept description of it ploxorz!! thanks