The Tech Tree!!!




Introduction: The Tech Tree!!!

Hi everyone,

First of all i would like to tell you that this is an "LED CONTEST" instructable so please vote if you like the project!

The idea came when i realized that i managed to gather a lot of remaining wires of components after cutting them for a pcb work.

There was in my bag handrents of them...

Step 1: Stuff You Need

1.Soldering iron
2.Soldering wire
3.A green led or other you like
4.Usb jack typ B Female for power up
5.A resistor 33 ohm
6.Usb cable type a to type b
7.Plenty of remaining leads
8.A breadboard or an empty pcb.I used an empty pcb 5x5 cm
10.Another person to help you
11.Optionaly a base for the pcb for stability...

Step 2: Begin Building the Tree

So i took a pcb board with a usb Type B power input and i start to build my tree with the help of my wife!
I make some modifications under the pcb so the power of the usb port came to my leds through a resistor..
After  i took an aluminium base and i mounted the pcb...

Step 3: Powering Up the Kit

You can power up the led via a usb type b cable from your pc usb output or from any other usb charger....
I love them both...
Watch it!!

The result is simply amazing!

Please feel free to ask me anything...



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