This instructable will detail the brutally easy construction of an I-Spy bottle that you can make in 10 minutes without tools, put on a table, and enthrall kids for, well not an hour, but about 15-45 minutes per head. You might as well make one because it's extremely cheap and easy, and it's cheaper and more fun than an I-Spy book or game.

-A transparent water bottle (the older cylindrical ones work better than the new "eco" ones.)
-enough oats to fill a water bottle
-about 6 to 8 little trinkets (to or three bigger ones, and two or three smaller ones
-a word processor or type writer
-transparent or translucent tape

Step 1: Gather Trinkets

Everyone has them. Look at your work bench, your basement, your spare parts drawer. Wherever. Just remember it has to go in the top of the water bottle. I ended up with stuff like a hair barrette, a Philips bit, a die, polly pocket stuff, a marble, a rock, a paperclip, and a crayon tip.
This one looks great, will be trying it soon with my kids! Thanks for the great ible! <br>
hey, phant0m_sp00f3ra it's a bottle or can you try 2 find all the hidden objects in. I have a tube one with glitter party confetti( not paper)and you have 2 find Elvis in it. (i did not make it)
excuse me sir but what is an iSpy bottle? English is not my primary language and i din't had childhood (i was kidnapped by aliens)
I'm sorry for your loss. An I-Spy bottle is self explanatory once you know that I-Spy is a popular American kids activity. Wikipedia will have more answers :). I believe the rest is explained by the pictures.
ok thanks a lot *dives into wikipedia*
Then what is your "primary" language?
we'll 'd like to say t was galactic basic ( :D) or klingon, but it's spanish :P (i'm mexican)
Aww man, someone published the same idea like 6 hours before me.
i saw that we posted the same project. great minds think a like. good luck ,you did a great job
You posted first. If one of us wins, it should be you.
This is my first instructable. Let me know what you think/how I did. Thanks!

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