Picture of The (tool-less) I-Spy Bottle
This instructable will detail the brutally easy construction of an I-Spy bottle that you can make in 10 minutes without tools, put on a table, and enthrall kids for, well not an hour, but about 15-45 minutes per head. You might as well make one because it's extremely cheap and easy, and it's cheaper and more fun than an I-Spy book or game.

-A transparent water bottle (the older cylindrical ones work better than the new "eco" ones.)
-enough oats to fill a water bottle
-about 6 to 8 little trinkets (to or three bigger ones, and two or three smaller ones
-a word processor or type writer
-transparent or translucent tape
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Step 1: Gather Trinkets

Picture of Gather Trinkets
Everyone has them. Look at your work bench, your basement, your spare parts drawer. Wherever. Just remember it has to go in the top of the water bottle. I ended up with stuff like a hair barrette, a Philips bit, a die, polly pocket stuff, a marble, a rock, a paperclip, and a crayon tip.

Step 2: Type the List and Name

Picture of Type the List and Name
This is probably the easiest part. Go to Microsoft Word or whatever and type something like: "I-Spy Bottle" in about size 16 font. Then write up your items list in about size 10 font. The pictures show what it should look like typed up, and on the bottle.

Step 3: Take the Label Off of the Bottle

Picture of Take the Label Off of the Bottle
This is pretty self-explanatory. Take the label off of the bottle. If it is one of the new labels that leave the white things, (see picture below) just run them under hot water for a minute and most of it will come off. It doesn't need to be perfect.
gollihughj2 years ago
This one looks great, will be trying it soon with my kids! Thanks for the great ible!
thing 25 years ago
hey, phant0m_sp00f3ra it's a bottle or can you try 2 find all the hidden objects in. I have a tube one with glitter party confetti( not paper)and you have 2 find Elvis in it. (i did not make it)
excuse me sir but what is an iSpy bottle? English is not my primary language and i din't had childhood (i was kidnapped by aliens)
GoCubs252 (author)  phant0m_sp00f3ra6 years ago
I'm sorry for your loss. An I-Spy bottle is self explanatory once you know that I-Spy is a popular American kids activity. Wikipedia will have more answers :). I believe the rest is explained by the pictures.
ok thanks a lot *dives into wikipedia*
Then what is your "primary" language?
we'll 'd like to say t was galactic basic ( :D) or klingon, but it's spanish :P (i'm mexican)
GoCubs252 (author) 6 years ago
Aww man, someone published the same idea like 6 hours before me.
i saw that we posted the same project. great minds think a like. good luck ,you did a great job
GoCubs252 (author)  peterjr6 years ago
You posted first. If one of us wins, it should be you.
GoCubs252 (author) 6 years ago
This is my first instructable. Let me know what you think/how I did. Thanks!