The True Story of Mary Poppins




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Introduction: The True Story of Mary Poppins

As an Aupair (live-in nanny) of four children I decided to show how  Mary Poppins really ended up, and Halloween is the best time for the nasty truth to come out! 

To make this costume I used an umbrella that I cut in the middle using a bush clipper. I used a card board, hot glue and metal hangers I make it go "through" my belly. I put some fake flowers from a dollar store on a black hat. Got some cheap white shirt that I ripped to make the umbrella fit in it, and one piece of it I taped to a baby doll, that I borrowed from one of the kids that I take care of. 



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    Ouch.... maybe a spoonful of sugar will make you feel better?

    That is HILARIOUS! (but more details and more pics, yes, please and thank you!)

    Oh, that's a nasty booboo!

    It would be awesome if you added some details & photos of how you made it!

    1 reply

    Of course! :)

    OMG, lol that's fantastic!