Step 15: Numbering the Horses

As they will only stack one way, I find it usefull to number them for easy stackability.

I guess I got a bit carried away but I stenciled numbers on them.

A magic marker has worked fine for them in the past.
Those are the nicest saw horses I've ever seen. Not sure you were truly sticking to the K.I.S.S. philosophy (I've whipped up a very serviceable saw horse in 5 minutes or less) but these are actually a fine bit of woodworking and ingenuity. Might have to make a set.
Could you put a saddle on it (for a horse)? The reason I ask is that I am looking for a saddle horse that I can build.
i love the buggy in da backround <br>
Sorry but I don't catch the mistake at all !!!&hellip;<br>Did you made too many tops (as I see only 12 Saw horses on the last photo&hellip; but this doesn't prove anything).<br><br>I want to know ;)
You got it Vince - 16 tops &amp; only 12 horses, there is a stack of 12 on the bench, two more next to the stack and 2 finished ones on the floor. Oops! <br> <br>Thanks for looking! <br> <br>Mikey
How funny &hellip; I would never have find it myself if you didn't point this discrepancy out !&hellip;<br><br>Welle, guess you have to make a few more saw horses !!&hellip; (okay, okay, only a joke)<br><br>but then I do admire your work and my next saw horse will be directly inspired from yours ! <br>be sure of that !!&hellip;
Thank you kind sir! <br> <br>Mikey
Laptop with built in printer ?? Neat !! :o)
thats an old type writer
No, that's a relatively new typewriter.<br />
but not the newest! the newest have spell check, automatic whiteout dispenser and such
The horse on the right is my favorite design so far. Handy to work on, light but sturdy, stackable, and takes mostly small scraps to make. Oh, and it is tough to hit the screws it is put together with as well. The only downside is the scarf cut on the tops of the legs but nothing is perfect.
funny in this part of the world it is called &quot;goat&quot;<br />
Where? That's a great name for them!
just look the profile
I did, but missed your location. Got it now.
That makes sense, they are more goat size than horse size.&nbsp; :-)
Nice instructable, but have you ever tried angling the legs outward toward the ends of the top of the saw horses so that they can all be built identical and still be able to be stacked ? Just a thought. They would stack kind of like cones then.
Thanks Alaskan! Yes, in step 5 I address splaying the legs out by 5 degrees or so. It would have added another degree of complexity and I would have had to cut right and left legs, and keep track of them! ;) Thanks again.
I'm just not getting it. What's the big deal with making the legs 5-deg wider? The bevels will be at 17.5 instead of 15 deg; so what?<br><br>For that matter, I'm not getting why wider angle = stackable... or really, why 30-deg total angle of the legs = not easily stackable (without the incremental length changes).<br><br>Please explain?
I agree yours is easier to do and less complex. I guess I missed the part in step 5, off to reread it. Thanks
Table saws should never be used to crosscut, even if you have a 'trick'. It is a bad habit that will very easily lead to injury.
That's a very pretty world you live in. Here on Earth, some of us don't own 50 different single-use power tools. My table saw rips, crosscuts, edge trims, makes cove cuts, rabbets, dadoes, and occasionally grinds.<br><br>Safely.
&nbsp;Maybe your thinking of freehand cross-cutting which is not what they are doing.&nbsp;
I really like this and will be making them this weekend, but i just wanted to know what is the purpose of the shims? thanks in advance for helping me out
The shim is there to hold the leg parallel to the table top. The top piece of the saw horse in that position needs the leg to be lifted off of the table just a bit so the shim helps out. Take a look at the fourth, seventh and ninth pictures. Hope it helps! Mikey
&nbsp;If you are not supposed to crosscut with a table saw, why the heck do they make miters for it? If you follow the basic rules it is perfectly safe. They use a spacer block here which is perfect, then clamp against miter and it is no different than cutting it with any other power saw. Where did you ever hear that? The most dangerous bad habit to be formed with a table saw that will lead to injury is getting too comfortable with it which is easier to do than you think.&nbsp;
never is a&nbsp; really long time... are you sure?
I might have to build a set to make my temporary works shop more temporary :)
Semper Fidelis, Mikey D!!! Excellent! Your design is more sturdy by attaching the legs to the bottom instead of the side. From your photos, I gather that several sets of your saw-horses are in use around your neck-of-the-woods.
Yup! We're just about to take a set upstairs. We are enclosing the 2nd floor balcony. Thanks Jarhead! Mikey
Very nice. I want that Honda Odyssey in the background.
I do them kind of like that. Mine are stackable, but I put the cross brace further up so you can use it as a step and you can walk on the saw horse. My beam is like an I Beam made of 2 x 4s so it's really strong.
Great idea on the I beam configuration. I personally like the brace lower as is stronger for keeping the legs from splaying out, but the step idea is really worth it also! Thanks for the great comments! Mikey
i was kind of hoping it was bullet proof not gonna lie
That's why the disclaimer in the first sentence. :) I guess I could have used kevlar reinforced ceramic, but that would have increased the cost just a bit ;)
I kind of recognise your young apprentice hmmm
Loved them, super resistant, well done. Keep Doing Great job. Thanxs
Hey Mikey, Are you expecting a hurricane soon? These ought to do the job. If, however, there is no high wind you can always throw them at people. The should square them away! Keep up the good work. Gyrine 77
Always be prepared! Yes they work very well. They're already scarred up and paint spattered. Thanks for the positive comment! Mikey
Very nice horses but you can design the angles to where they all are the same size and thus will stack just like rubbermaid tubs. Also, not to nitpick, but on step 3 you call out a "chop saw." While not entirely wrong, the saw technically chops, but it is a compound (if not a double compound) mitere saw. A chop saw is used with an abrasive blade/disc for metal. Other than that, nicely done.
Your are correct. It is a compound miter saw. We use them both so frequently around here that I tend to use the term "chop saw" for both of them. I'll fix it. - - - Thanks! Mikey
Your mistake in step six is the one top where the crown of the grain on one board is facing the wrong way. Once it get wet, the board will make a cup.
Well... actually... I bought an extra 12 footer and cut 16 tops instead of 12. But good eyes on the ring direction! Thanks for the kudos. Mikey
These are the nicest saw horses I have ever seen. As soon as I come up with some scrap 2x6's I will make these.
As already stated, you have done a wonderful job writing this. I know nothing about table saws and I have learned a few things here. Thank you very very much for posting a high quality instructable! I wish they were all like this! Great job!!!!
Thanks Dark Ninja. My pleasure to share the wealth.
Mikey,<br/>Please feel free to add this Instructable to my group <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/group/fixit/">Home Repair, Refurbishment, and Projects</a> I think it would be an asset to have it included.<br/>Thanks and good work.<br/>
Thank you Mr. Rig It! I added it to your group. I actualy never knew how the featured posts and groups worked arond here until you and Mr. Smith posted comements. The group looks like an informative one for me. I'll be sure to visit it often.
Thanks, your post will alwasy be welcomed.

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