Picture of The ultimate combate light saber
Note: there are tons of light saber tutorials out there.

The purpose of this build is not to create a cheap light saber clone, nor a realistic looking one. The goal of this is to create the perfect combat light saber.

Goals: Create the lightest, fastest light saber which can stand up to full adult combat without breaking and without injuring anyone. Many of the light sabers I see use PVC which is heavy and can/will injury your opponent. This saber is as light as a tube of cardboard from wrapping paper. They can take a full force swing from a poly carbonate blade, and they are wicked quick.

The hilts, are designed to be comfortable, light weight and provide good grip while looking close to a "real" light saber. 

On my last birthday my awesome wife threw me a little kids style star wars birthday party. One of the fun activities she planned was a light saber battle. She bought a bunch of toy light sabers and we all drank and dueled with toy light sabers (very geeky but super fun). After the party my brother and I would occasional duel with our toy light sabers. These toys quickly broke due to their cheap plastic design. 

I looked into buying aluminum hilt, poly-carbonate replica blade light sabers on the internet. It occurred to me though, that these could break bones. The Math: (Weight of a poly-carbonate blade ~3 pounds OR 1.36078 kg [note: this is a rough estimate]) * (75 MPH tip speed OR 33.528 meters per second) = 45.6 newtons. To put that into perspective: A 45 caliber bullet weighing 12 grams or 0.012 kg would need to travel 3800 meters per second OR 8500 MPH to have the same force. I understand a bullet acts more as a needle than a blunt force object as a light saber would behave, but the point is clear, getting hit at 75 MPH (full swing for a skilled Jedi) could certainly break bone.

I started the process of building the best light saber for dueling. A saber that was light, fast, strong, repairable, that glowed.
oldmicah2 years ago
Neat project but I'm having some trouble following the assembly instructions. Would you be able to add a little more detail around the assembly? I think that one problem I'm having is that I dead visualizing the carbon rods as solid rodes rather than tubes.. I.e. a pic or two or the parts used for the light saber itself might help clarify.

On the other hand, it could just be a severe case of early morning caffeine depravation on my part.....
gathem (author)  oldmicah2 years ago
I will try to update the assembly section. Its pretty basic. I measured the volume of the hollow part of the mold, taped the end of the tube (less resin/epoxy makes for a lighter hilt), and just set it in there to dry.