Introduction: The Ultimate Lego Candle Spinning Cupcake Contraption

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This contraption is built to make a birthday candle spin. It is very simple to build, if you are at least slightly familiar with legos.  It uses a small lego motor to turn the candle.It can be built in several different ways, with whatever parts you have, but in this insructable we will show you how we did it.  We used 4 cupcakes that were frosted previously.  The pictures will explain the rest. May not work with very floppy cupcakes, make sure you have planted the legos FIRMLY into the cupcake, so it won't wobble.


sherrycayheyhey (author)2012-09-26

Yep, gonna need to see this in action :)

amandaghassaei (author)2012-09-26

looks cool! can you post a video? ...or has this project been eaten already?

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